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  1. Does anyone have ACL Artwork that could be used for the Paradise live single?
  2. ^ But he sings it during the 2003 live DVD and so far from these festivals he has done it, just wondering what the exact lyrics he is singing. Does he change them everytime?
  3. Q. Can you tell me the correct lyrics for the end of Life is for Living? This is what Ive heard it to be... Cause in the end there's only us And oh my friend There's only love And in the cave They're timing us Cause in the end There's only love I have also heard the second to last verse as "And in decay, the time in us..." Can you clear this up? Thank you.
  4. Guys, I emailed the summerkrush people and asked if my name was in the database for my priority seats I bought off ebay. I was told that it was not. I am currently seeking a refund. The ticket says "non-transferable" and Samsung told me when they scan the ticket, the name on the ticket must match what comes up on the scan (the name registered when the tickets were won). I am playing it safe and looking at other options. Email summerkrush[email protected] and double check to see if your name is in their database.
  5. Did anyone buy the Summer Crush priority access seats from ebay or some other outlet? Is it cool that even though it says on the ticket that its non-transferable, the tickets still somehow ended up with your name on it? How does that work?
  6. This song is so awful that NBC just played it as their closing credits to the US Open over images of whole tournament. You think if the song was so bad they would of chose something else. Get over it, the song is really good.
  7. All I was posting a link to was to a story on a website... whats wrong with that? its just a DJ giving his review of the song... Here it is in non-link form go to hot995DOTcom and go to the "on air" tab and click the DJ page of Toby Knapp Geez Mods
  8. Congrats on being in the MV ! Waiting here in California impatiently for the song!

  9. The band went through a lot of trouble to shoot the music video, and I understand the language barrier...but seriously? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYe04zSWREE]YouTube- FDN life in technicolor 2[/ame]
  10. Heeeelllllloooooooooo

  11. I will keep you updated on my quest!

  12. I am thinking of counting the days to seeing them in Europe one day, what do you think!?

  13. I miss counting down the days too! damn!

  14. Good Times last night. Tom Cruise sitting in front of us and he was rockin out!! Hope everyone had a good time! Here's Tom...
  15. Just saw this commercial that sounded A LOT like Clocks... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cEuL6cAcbA]YouTube - Gillette Razor "Here's to Confidence" 2009 TV Commercial[/ame]
  16. Random thought here. Do you think the boys would play a Michael Jackson cover at this concert as a tribute since its their return to L.A.? Just something that popped into my head and I wanted to get people's thoughts. Any song ideas of what they would play?
  17. Has anyone been to an open air stadium/arena on the tour recently? Where do the butterflies come from? and yellow balls? (if there are any)
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