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  1. Sounds like a children's choir practicing in a church...
  2. In the Toronto '06 gig he lets the crowd sing the first chorus to The Scientist and then afterwards he says ''there must be something in the water out here man" I play that song in my car all the time and always say that line when Im driving.
  3. Enjoy the little elves dance! Maybe their best music video ever?!!? http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/A0fg1Xph8KpjeuZG#/owner/A0fg1Xph8KpjeuZG
  4. I just looked it up on ITUNES and it sounds NOTHING like VLV...STUPID!
  5. Someone said they were going to play LIT II after Yellow when they came back for an encore. I remember seeing Chris go up to Will at the end of Yellow and ask him something and Will shaking his head "no". Maybe Will was too damn hot to play another song! Those boys were sweating like dogs in there! Hopefully they will play it soon on the tour!
  6. There is a lyrics thread on the home page with all the songs on the EP
  7. Life in Technicolour ii: I can hear rain coming **I THINK ITS** " I can hear it coming" -------------------------------- time only can leech amongst **I THINK ITS** "time only can lead you on" *just my random opinion, so who knows until we have the real lyrics come out!! great job nonetheless!
  8. Can someone tell me the difference I should be listening for in the LIJ Osaka Sun Remix? Except for the obvious "ohhhhh" part between lyrics....
  9. GO HERE!!!!!!!!!! JESUSSSSSSSSSSSS http://www.justintimberlakeforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=669&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=285
  10. does "Bertuzzi 44" not give away that he's a hockey fan? hello?
  11. Hermes...thanks for being a complete douche...seriously, congrats. Enjoy your music.
  12. ABC at 7pm this Sunday I believe...double check your listings!
  13. I posted a poll already in the Coldplay Live section seeing what song most people think they will play. I doubt highly it will be VLV...it has just been played out waaaaay too much over a long period of time. I was thinking something from the EP since it comes out 2 days after their performance in the US. We'll see!
  14. I will be shocked if they play VLV...no way in hell....
  15. Will they go with Lovers in Japan because of the new video and single? Lost+ because of Jay-Z and that new video? or something from the EP since it comes out two days later in the U.S?? VOTE!
  16. Hilarious! thanks for telling me that....I thought most Coldplay addicts would of realized that...good stuff!
  17. Does anyone agree that James Morrison looks like a cracked out Chris Martin?
  18. I'm going with "time only will lead you on" in LITii....but it could be either.... and I dont think he says "I can hear rain coming" rather "I can hear it coming"....he kinda combines "hear" and "it"
  19. I have some of the MTV live and Toronto stuff burned onto a CD and it sounds good. If you want me to burn you a copy with some live stuff on it just PM me.
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