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  1. I think Coldplay lost their spark with MOTS. They try to be relevant, but if you look closely - they have big sales, #1 single, but in the past few years they were relevant thanks to themselves, now they are using others (BTS, Selena) and it will not work well in the future. I really hope, that they will do something not for the masses, not just for the streams and sales. I don't think that without BTS or Selena the album would sell so many copies, but in my opinion they should focus on the quality of songs and they will sell many many more. I know that the music industry is now different
  2. It exists. I remember the thread about it on Coldplaying (however now this thread is removed). Some guy long time ago had it on his Vimeo page. http://www.coldplayzone.it/news/sta-arrivando-il-video-di-cemeteries-of-london We are talking about "The Race", however have anybody listened to the snippet "Heart on Fire"?
  3. Are we talking about "Heart on Fire"? Somebody posted a 10-sec snippet of it on one of the facebook pages more than a month ago. Btw I'm still wondering if the video for "Cemeteries of London" that was available on one of the director's page will see the light of the day. 🤣 😄
  4. Do you remember this rumour? Finally we have it clarified :joy: :joy: :joy:
  5. It's sounds like it could be Peter Gabriel's song
  6. Not sure if anyone else heard it, but she said she liked the album, especially "When I Need a Friend". She said also that there is some classic-Coldplay stuff as well as non-classic Coldplay and that there is nothing currently in the music world that you can compare the album to.
  7. Agree. It may be something that Kaleo did on their "A/B', where the first half was rockier and the second more acoustic.
  8. It may be real. Signatures look the same as on this setlist: https://s3.amazonaws.com/images.charitybuzz.com/images/81272/original.jpg?1384612758
  9. So we have a double album! It may be called: "Everyday life" with parts: "sunrise" & "sunset" out 22nd of November! Hopefully it is not fake.
  10. I think that we are goint full Mylo Xyloto with this teasing. If I remember correctly they were teasing us a whole week with a walking man, spirals, teardrops etc. Expecting to hear the single on Monday or Thursday :)
  11. So, you are saying "wedding band"? :cool: :joy: :joy: Somebody has an experience. As the Kirboh rumours are false, we still have rumours from Daily Star, that this album will be experimental.
  12. I highly doubt that we will get new Coldplay single this week as on the 18th October the new single form Adele is coming.
  13. :joy::joy::joy: Let's hope they won't go full Gregorian mode on the new album :D
  14. Another rumour. I think we can all say: "it's happening" :)
  15. I cannot see this posted here, so I just want to let you know that somebody on PulseMusic board wrote this two weeks ago: "The DJ at my local Alternative station said he heard Coldplay's new single and that we would be hearing it on the radio soon. He described it as "joyful". "
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