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  1. After two listens, all I can say is we'll always have Everyday Life.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty lame. "HEY EVERYBODY I HAVE IT. SORRY CAN'T GIVE IT TO YOU"
  3. Leave the old albums alone. Some folks have this desire to tinker with them and I don't understand it.
  4. At this point, I'm just assuming they really are following the MX playbook: album announcement in July, second single in August, album in September.
  5. Add me to the group who still doesn't love the song but thinks the live version is miles better. My least favorite section is that "Hold tight, come on" part and actually hearing Jonny's guitar over that makes it infinity more listenable. Honestly, I haven't listened to the studio version since.
  6. Exactly haha. I'm an Oldplayer since '02. It's times like this where I anxiously await a new record because I'm a loyal fan and then when I'm disappointed, I turn back to the old stuff.
  7. I think the problem for me is the first 2:30 are fairly underwhelming and THEN it kicks into gear. That's cool but I'm also left thinking "where was that energy from the start? WHERE WAS JONNY?"
  8. I think it's fine. The verses are kinda dull and Chris's singing is almost too muted. It doesn't really take off until the last chorus when Chris goes high and you can finally hear Jonny trying to break through. That should've been the whole song.
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