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  1. I have a suggestion for SS next (this) year ;) You should make some limitations, for example: they need to have at least 300 posts on this forum, then at least 50 posts during this year so we can be sure that those people are active and interested in this lovely action.
  2. yaaaaaaaay finally! :) sorry for the socks hahaha, i was sure that it will fit you.
  3. Got my card (and chocolate) all the way from Canada. Thank you Anita :* I will post pics later!
  4. many beautiful packages! i promise i will send mine this week. i was in sarajevo for few days and yet had some things to do before relaxing and all :) first, i was thinking to just send a card and then i saw your submites... now i'm gonna buy something for my SS and surprise him/her :D
  5. Howdy y'all :D I will send my package next week to my SS
  6. I'm in! As always... but please, dont give me someone who's not active like previous years :D
  7. happy new year coldplayers! my resolutions: - get a job - move in another apartment with my bf
  8. On the left :) we were on our way to Dubrovnik :)
  9. I guess you got it? :)

  10. Wohoooo I got mine today! First I got a notification to pick up my mail in the main post office. When I saw it's from US I got really excited :D Then I opened it and grinned totally! Texas! After NY and California that's absolutely my fav state in US... not sure if it's because of the accent, or "rednecks" and so on :D btw i love her handwriting! btw thanks for the stick. it's more than perfect and i cant wait to use it somewhere!
  11. I will send it tomorrow and I truly hope that my SS will appreciate it :)
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