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  1. a month late but; wish you a good year,hope it has been a fine one by now.(:


  3. i hope it too Ross,i hope it too :)

  4. I'm definitely wishing you the best Christmas possible and the best start to 2012. A new year will make it seem completely fresh if you feel it needs to be. Hopefully January 1st isn't rubbish if that's the case haha :)

  5. Ross! Happy holiday to you too!! i am glad to hear from you and your good news! My life kında messy these days but,i âm trying to be ok. Hope you send me best wishes from over there which makes me do things right( : Greatings from Turkey for you.:)

  6. Elifffff! :D MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. I wish you would get a twitter or something :) I would love a constant flow of conversation with you. I'm studying History at Uni and it's going okay, I hope you are well, enjoying yourself and happy! :) Ross.

  7. Tamamd─▒r. Arada u─črarsan laf atmay─▒ ihmal etme. :) Ben de yo─čunum olduk├ža. G├Âr├╝┼č├╝r├╝z, kendine iyi bak.

  8. Girmiyorum art─▒k siteye,yo─čunum cok. bihaber yas─▒yorum resmen. Te┼čekk├╝rler video icin. sen de iyi ol.Hoscakal.:)

  9. Ara s─▒ra u─čruyorum. Bazen sana bakmak i├žin, Bazen de ne gibi geli┼čmeler var diye. Kendini bilseydi zaten hi├ž de─či┼čmezdi. Ben de ├Âyleyim. ─░dare ediyorum i┼čte. Hayat─▒ma "pasif coldplayer" olarak devam ediyorum. Y─▒llar ge├žiyor. Biz hala var─▒z. Tan─▒mad─▒─č─▒n bir ┼čeyleri tan─▒d─▒─č─▒n─▒, oldu─čunu bilmek, g├╝zel. ─░zlemi┼č olabilirsin asl─▒nda, ama belki g├Ârmemi┼čsindir.: http://vimeo.com/28814716 Belgesel ├žekimi olaylar─▒ndan haberin olmal─▒. Onun i├žin T├╝rkiye'ye falan da davet ettim de; ciddiye almam─▒┼člar, ya da uygun g├Ârmemi┼čler. :) ├çok ki┼či davet etmi┼č zaten. Yunanistana falan da geliyorlar. Olsun. Hala iyi oldu─čunu umarak, iyi geceler diliyorum.

  10. buralarda m─▒yd─▒n sen (: fena say─▒lmaz-kendini bilmez bi ruh hali i├žindeyim. sen nas─▒ls─▒n

  11. Hey. Naber? :)

  12. Hey i am so happy for you! What are you going to study? Well you are absolutely right about writing here but unfortunately i haven't account on any social web site , sometimes i actually think about having specially when i see people who can find a lover from there :rolleyes:

  13. Eliffff, I'm very well right now, I just got into University and everything seems good again. Have you got twitter or a social networking site that you use, we have to stop meeting like this a month after we write to each other haha :)

  14. (: How's summer?

  15. Hi anyone too. :D

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