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  1. Happy New Year! Hope the new one is better than the previous one :)

  2. Merry Christmas! :) I wish you all the best!

  3. awww, i'm so glad you got it :D!! enjoy the coaster, haha! :)
  4. aww, I am happy it got there in time :D! happy holidays! i haven't got mine yet, but it's alright :)

  5. Hey! I received your gift yesterday! It mean a lot to me! I'd like to thank you personally here(I post thanks on the Secret Santa's thread + some pictured from the present). Thank you again! I'm sure your Secret Santa will surprise you as much as you surprise me(if you haven't received your gift yet)! :)

  6. Understandable. It's also early in your life to move to another country, so you'll miss lots of friends. I've been in London twice. Thanks for the offer, though. :nice: It's nothing special, but I'm not on my own computer this summer, so I don't have the map on hand. This is also why I reply so late. At least you're secured something to live in when you arrive, that's great. :) Is it UCL, Greenwich or something else?

  7. Yeah, they really are keepers! I'm going to miss them when I move! Hahahaha, that'a great, I will happily be your tour guide :nice: Which places do you want to go? Maybe I know of them! I just applied for student accommodation ,so the first year I will live at the school campus, and the second and third year I have to find my own place. Hopefully it wont be hard as I have other friends from Norway that is studying in London that I can share an aparment with!

  8. Velbekomme! :) I'm so glad to hear you had a great birthday. Sounds like your friends are keepers. :) Thank you; I'll take you up on that offer! ;) I have such an urge to go to London, but no money to travel for yet. I even made my own Google map with places and shops I want to visit. :P Have you found something to live in? :O

  9. Tusen takk, Julie! I can't wait to hear about your story as well! I'm really excited about it! I had a wonderful birthday, my friends made it so amazing because they knew I was so sad about the concert. So they kidnapped me and surprised me with a bunch of other people :) I know, I'm very lucky to be moving there, you can visit anytime :) sorry for the late reply I haven't been on the computer for a long time. But thank you again for the kind message and I'll see you soon!

  10. Hi Rania, Tillykke med dagen!! I can't wait to hear your whole life story when we meet in August, hehe. :nice: Or here, whatever you like. :P I hope you're not still too bummed about missing your trip to London. You're going to study and live there; think of that! I'm so jealous, btw. :) It seems like every Coldplayer I know but me are moving there. Enough about me. I hope you had a wonderful day. :D

  11. hey! did you enjoy the gig?

  12. Mumford and Sons definitely!! can't wait for that one.
  13. I sold both of mine as well, and I'm really happy about it :)! enjoy the gig tomorrow!
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