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  1. Hey everyone! For those of you going, looks like we are in for a fun night. Walked past the Enmore earlier today and there was lots of roadies loading the equipment in. I'll be hanging out around the front from 4:15 onwards to get a good spot. Feel free to join me if you want! RhysBP
  2. Anyone wanna guess what time our tickets will be emailed to us? Getting antsy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. RhysBP

    O - your review

    To close off the album, listeners are treated to a surprising double bill. It’s only listed as being one song but don’t be fooled! There are two songs here to enjoy. The first one, Fly On, can be applied to one of my favourite sayings - “Less is best”. The main part of this song is Martin playing a gentle melody on the piano. After the optimistic A Sky Full Of Stars, the lyrics found here go back to a very melancholic state. The whole song is a metaphor about how love is like a flock of birds flying away. Touching but very sad. What I enjoy most about this song is the contribution from Buckland, Berryman and Champion. Buckland is making bird like noises on the guitar, Berryman is gently plucking his bass and Champion is doubling up by singing in harmony whilst producing some very quiet guitar through an e-bow. Whilst Martin solo sounds outstanding, the contribution from the other three is what makes this song. After a two and a half minute wait, O comes to life. Listeners may be fooled as to thinking it sounds like the start of the album again. However, this time there is a gentle bass line present and extra vocals. The one lyric - “Don’t ever let go” - is a three way harmony between Martin, his daughter and her friend. By far, this is the most angelic part on the whole album and it is the perfect way to bring the album to nice, ethereal end. Coldplay have always had an uncanny knack of ending an album brilliantly (best one is still Up With The Bird) and O is no exception. RATING - 5/5
  4. Coldplay have always managed to create a show stopping number on each album that will stand the test of time - Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Viva La Vida, Paradise. Ghost Stories’ candidate can be found in A Sky Full Of Stars. I am going to say this up front - this is the most positive song on the album. It almost seems out of place in the overall scheme of things but that doesn’t mean it’s a disappointing song. This is a song that is bound to get your out of your seat and dancing. Filled to the brim with pulsating EDM beats and a piano riff from another unlikely source in Avicii, Martin’s lyrics are extremely delightful, although they do get a bit repetitive. However, this song is too glorious to even care. It’s in the lyrics “Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark” and “Go on and tear me apart / I don’t care if you do” that listeners get the impression that this is a love song of a different kind. The only negative I have with A Sky Full Of Stars is that it sounds like any pop star could’ve made it. However, Coldplay have managed to keep their trademark soaring melodies and climaxes that makes them so identifiable. RATING - 5/5
  5. RhysBP

    Oceans - your review

    I find Oceans the most interesting song on the album. Unfortunately, like Ink, this song barely features Buckland and Berryman. Martin can again be heard on the acoustic guitar and the song can basically be made into a solo for him. However, through the power of his amazing falsetto, Martin delivers the most haunting melody on the album. This is backed up by some rather disconcerting lyrics - “I’m ready for it all love / Ready for the pain”. The eery vibes of the song are manfully assisted by three main components - Martin’s echoed vocals, the squealing fiddles of a string orchestra and the repetition of a ship’s radar, which is surprisingly coming from Champion’s drum pad. Buckland makes a cameo with some synthesized strings but due to its dominance, it comes across as rather unnecessary. Not before long, the songs comes to a peaceful end but that’s not where the fun stops. Instantly, a pump organ (?) takes over before an instrumental wash of synthesizers begin an interlude to the next song. As the sounds shifts from one side to another (listen to the song through headphones and this will make sense), distant church bells toll and to quote Up With The Birds, “good things are coming our way”. RATING - 3.5/5
  6. True Love may be quite sad but it’s nowhere as sad as Another’s Arms. Here, listeners get to listen to Martin moan on about how is lover has moved on with someone else. I’ll say right off the top that the lyrics in Another’s Arms sound quite amateur. The song features the same elements as some of the other songs on the album - electronic drums, idling synthesizers and the occasional piano. However, the main ‘star’ on this song is the pre-recorded voice of an anonymous female vocalist. Like the piano on the previous track, it helps bridge the verses. Seeing as this one of four songs heard live before the release of the album, fans were greeted with a demanding burst of passion and exuberance. However, on the studio recording, the production makes the song come off a bit soft sounding. That’s the only disappointment I can find in the song. Having said that, the last two minutes of the song are quite special. Buckland delivers another guitar solo and although it could’ve been more prominent, it instantly demands your attention. The melody changes slightly to allow the song to sound more aching and even a vocal sample of Jane Weaver’s song Silver Chord can be heard. The song finishes off nicely with a repeat of the opening chorus and thus completes the saddest song on the album. Down the track, I don’t know if the band will play this song live after the Ghost Stories era but one thing can be said. Along with Politik, Major Minus and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Another’s Arms is a song that sounds much better live. RATING - 4/5
  7. Having watched the Ghost Stories TV special, how is this performed live? I understand what Guy and Johnny are doing but what exactly is Will doing on the reactable?
  8. Launched before the release announcement of the album, Midnight is as far away from old Coldplay as the band can get. Built around a pre-existing track from producer Jon Hopkins, Midnights features no guitar, minimal drums and a very different vocal sound. Yet, the experiment works a treat. The song begins with the ticking of synthesizers that sound very foreboding before a heavily vocoded Martin chimes in with some rather dark lyrics. There aren’t a lot of lyrics in Midnight but you get the feeling this song is all about danger; just read the opening verse - “In the darkness before the dawn / In the swirling of the storm / When I’m rolling with the punches and hope is gone / Leave a light, a light on”. A laser harp that produces the bass note takes part as the second verse commences, which again features dark lyrics (“When I’m rolling with the thunder / But bleed from thorns”). Some minimal piano helps bridge the choruses and you can feel a big climax coming in very soon. However, listeners will be very surprised. As Martin pleads for a light to be left on, the bass and drums pick up tempo as a rave like aura builds. Eventually, an arrangement of bubbling synths come in as they help bring the rave to a restrained end. You can be forgiven for not seeing that coming. Whilst this song has be known to alienate Coldplay die hards, Midnight is the best song on the album. It is something new from the band and it remains to be seen if whether or not the quartet will go in this direction in the near future. RATING - 5/5
  9. True Love would have to be one of the three best songs off the album. It can be compared to older Coldplay as it sees the band going back to pre-Viva days when strings wouldn’t make such a dominating presence. At first, the song sounds like it is continuing on with the upbeat vibe left over from Ink. However, as Martin takes centre stage, you can tell it’s going to be another story of separation agony. The chorus is made up of Martin asking his lover that even if she doesn’t love him, she should lie to him anyway. Ouch! From then on, you can tell that True Love is one of the saddest songs on the album. In similar fashion to Strawberry Swing, the percussion heard on True Love is very minimal but very effective. Featuring a mix of electronic drum beats and a bass drum from an unlikely source in Timbaland, the riff is capped off by what sounds like a hand clap. It doesn’t change much from that formula but its repetition doesn’t seem to drag the song down. You can almost thank the string arrangement for being played at over the top of it. There are two really shining moments on this song, the first being Martin’s falsetto. He doesn’t sing pass the three minute mark but in that short time, his falsetto is magical. It is well exemplified in the chorus, where he draws out the world ‘lie’. The second part occurs not long before the end of the song. Buckland comes in with a demanding guitar solo from that literally slices through the song like a hot knife through butter. If it wasn’t for this solo, the song would’ve petered out very quickly. Overall, this song is so heartbreaking but so addictive to listen to at the same time. I won’t be surprised if this was released as a single in the future. RATING - 5/5
  10. I think a good game plan would be to play Ghost Stories in its entirety and include around 3-5 older songs. Having said that, I would love to hear the following songs come back... Politik A Rush Of Blood To The Head Daylight Square One Speed Of Sound Life In Technicolor ii Cemeteries Of London Lovers In Japan Strawberry Swing Major Minus A good set list would be... Always In My Head Magic Ink Clocks Another's Arms Lovers In Japan Midnight The Scientist True Love Charlie Brown Paradise ~ENCORE~ Oceans A Sky Full Of Stars O
  11. All sorted. Ticketek got back to me. By the way I will be going alone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. To anyone that is going, check your transaction history on Ticketek. Has your booking for the concert disappeared? Mine has :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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