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  1. He's right on one thing though...we may be good fans, those of us who post here. But most of the audiences that have had to do the arranged seating crap have been crappy. Coldplay needs to go back to GA for the floor if they want their concerts to have any integrity
  2. nah, the EP is available via http://www.thirdeyeblind.com or itunes both in the UK and US now
  3. I am not sure if this the appropriate forum to post this in. Anywho though, I recently called upon some of my fellow classmates to write letters to the new Obama administration and the American congress asking for approval of the newly proposed MONUC mandate allowing for desperately needed peacekeepers in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, Human Rights Watch has put out a video explaining the gross violence that has occurred in the region during the last few weeks - http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/features/drc1108/video.htm I thought I would just share a guide I wrote up on how to write to congress. Bear in mind the guide is intended for Illinois and Wisconsin students, so the addresses I have included are for those states' senators and representatives. However, if anyone here is interested in writing to their own reps or senators, I would gladly help them find the appropriate addresses and information.
  4. I am not sure how many of you were fans back in the day of 90's band Third Eye Blind, but I found a pleasant surprise when I was checking out myspace today. These guys are still making some music. I just checked out the new music last night, but I like their three news songs quite a bit. Red Star is classic 90's rock, Why Can't You Be is a nice ballad, and Non-Dairy Creamer is catchy, but maybe a bit too weird for me. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=31326302&MyToken=572b968d-0a96-4265-b556-5e982d2dff20
  5. That's right during my finals and my last track meet to go on record for colleges...I actually thought about ditching those just to enter, but there are just too many complications that could happen. And I wouldn't want to steal anyone else's spots. Good luck everyone! And by the way, this has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen a company do! Great promotion method. I'll be sure to remember 24/7 Instant Energy when I am in Europe next summer. Any company that goes this far to help out coldplay fans is cool in my book.
  6. it was especially cool seeing the film at navy pier when the scene with the boats leaving the pier was filmed at navy pier :P Chicago makes a great Gotham :P
  7. I just saw it again, but this time in IMAX! Just as entertaining as the first time...there is a great deal of fun word play to pick up on if you didn't catch it all the first time :) Even after having it pointed out to me, Christian Bale's batman voice doesn't bother me. I rather like it. I guess I am an oddball. Despite Heath's amazing performance, I believe it was the writing and directing that made this film what it is. So many great acting performances can happen only when there is near-perfect script.
  8. 5 more hours till I see it in IMAX...!!
  9. That would be very much appreciated if it is possible
  10. ooo...that gave me goosebumps. I never saw the film, but the trailer reminded me of the trailer for that film Dameon...seemed almost like a horror film trailer or something I may need to bring a teddy bear or something (cute date) to the flick, lol.
  11. I went to Chicago two nights in a row. The first night I was up in the nosebleeds (although...a lot of people I met snuck onto the floor with the "guest passes..." I should have tried this) with two friends, both of whom were avid coldplay fans. Despite being high up, we were ebullient about even being at a coldplay concert and were going crazy...we danced, shouted, sung like we were drunk (voices were very hoarse from pre-show), etc. People around us were sitting (although I ran through my row giving people high fives, which encouraged some people to stand up) and didn't seem to know the words to even the big hits. A few people even told us to calm down (I only heard it once, but, according to one of my friends, this happened far more than once...I was completely oblivious). Nevertheless, I was far up and with mostly non-fans, but I still had a hell of a good time. If you want to, you can make everyone around you disappear. I was on the floor the second night, which WAS AMAZING. But even then, some of the people I was around would sit down frequently and get up for the big hits. And I noticed even more so the second night that people were eyeballing me for jumping up and down, knowing all the words to new songs, etc. But, I basically zoned those people out of my mind (I actually danced with my friend a row back and to the right over the heads of people sitting down doing a sort of swing dance...lol). The point - the experience is what you make it. My friends and I made it the two best nights of our year by releasing all and any inhibitions the minute the show started. What about that post in the other thread that heavily criticized CP live on this tour? I did list a lot of criticisms of the tour in another thread, but I also explicitly stated that the two nights I saw them were STILL the best two nights of the year for me. I think we should be positive about the shows, but also be realistic afterwards...Would I have liked a more intimate setting? yes. A few more rarities, oldies, and b-sides? yes. GA standing room? yes. More instrumentals from Johnny on the e-bow? yes. BUT these are only toppings to the cake. If I went to a concert were coldplay gave me all of my wishes, then I would call it one of the best nights of my life. Even at their weakest game, they can provide me with the most emotional, entertaining, and uplifting night of a year. And that is something impressive. -Brendan edit: since I am a longtime lurker, I have not quite paid attention to who's who on the boards. But I think a fan concert would be a great idea. Other bands have done it. A concert with all the fan favorites (fan fan favorites albeit) and with a special pre-sale. Perhaps such a suggestion could make its way to Coldplay management from this board.
  12. http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/CreativeScreenwritingMagazine/~5/338989833/TheDarkKnightQandA.mp3 1/3rd of the way through...
  13. Thanks Mel and TX for those tidbits :) That definitely gives me some hope. If you run into Johnny again, tell him that Brendan from coldplaying (he'll know who I am) will help 'em out with the song as a backup guitarist or anything ;)
  14. I figure I should post the one part of the song I know for sure - the intro.
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