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  1. If anyone happens to know where I can find the Sao Paulo film in HD, please PM me! Eagerly awaiting my Butterfly Package in the mail, but those DVDs wont cut it.
  2. I was able to get an A2 seat! Still hoping for an A3 or A4 during the general sale or the eventual second show.
  3. Eh, during the week, during the year, same thing :P I finally put together the videos from the two MetLife stadium shows. I uploaded them a while ago, but never got around to posting them here. So, if anyone is interested in reliving the show, here you go! The first video is the longest, with a bunch of songs from both shows and some multicam stuff. The second video is only from the second show, and it includes Michael J. Fox's surprise appearance. Enjoy! Also, sorry for the camera work and any singing of mine you may hear, haha. Can't be focusing getting decent video to make sure I'm en
  4. I'm very excited! After I went to the two Metlife Stadium shows, I knew I had to go to more. Especially if they came down here. I am actually going to leave early from a trip to South America to make sure I get back home to see the show.
  5. It looks like Vivid seats and StubHub have tickets on sale for the 2017 US show. Those can't possible be genuine, right? The preorders don't start for another few days, let alone the general sale.
  6. I just finished editing a video of the New Jersey show, so from spending a day watching Coldplay to spending a night watching Coldplay! Hahaha!
  7. I just posted a mini review type thing in the 7/17 thread. I'll quote a little excerpt from it here.
  8. What an incredible weekend! I'm so grateful and feel so lucky to have been part of it. I was right next to the B-Stage on Day 1, section 13. Seeing the confetti fly up right in front of us (although it wafted to the other side of the catwalk) was lovely. I met some incredible people, sang along with them, danced with them, and hung out after the show. The crowd was amazing, and I couldn't believe how close I was to the bad. It's the closest I've ever been. Day 2 was also special. I was closer to the Main Stage, section 4. The confetti actually reached us. The rain of shapes and colors felt
  9. Anyone planning on meeting up before or after today's show?
  10. Just got back from the show. It was incredible. I was right next to the B stage! I met some fantastic people (not coldplaying members. Just super cool fans). I'll tell more tomorrow probably. Right now I gotta rest up for day 2! [ATTACH]5226[/ATTACH]
  11. I'm at the venue, guys! Just gonna pick up my ticket and I'll try to meet up.
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