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  1. Don't really understand where some of these responses are coming from. It's not that totally absurd to see some commonalities... Markus Dravs is at least one commonality between VLV and Arcade Fire, and in an interview Chris even said that the whole reason he wanted to work with Markus was because of his work with Arcade Fire. Myself, I feel like Violet Hill has a slight Arcade Fire sound. I've not really listened to enough Arcade Fire to really spot anything in the other songs so much though. U2's influence can sometimes be quite clear on Coldplay, so why couldn't this group also be a slig
  2. oh wow, those were all really terrible.
  3. Totally agree with you on this point. I said that if I saw her at the gym looking this way i'd think she was beautiful, but I think lots of the ladies who go to my gym are beautiful! ( i mean that in a very straight way, i dont oogle them or anything) And with make-up and professional hair styling we'd all be looking red carpet ready! Don't forget also we have no idea how much is natural... we dont know if her skin is perfect naturally or if she goes for some expensive procedures or what not. Not that it matters! just saying, no one should feel like "god, I wish I had her x, y, or z" and I bet
  4. If I saw her working out at the gym or some non-famous clone, looking like that, I'd think they were beautiful. No one who goes to the gym to actually work out will look good after or bother with make up before. Only the silly girls who go on a treadmill and walk at 2mph hoping to attract the attention of some buff guys try to look like movie stars.
  5. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  6. Well Chris does constantly flub up the lyrics to Billie Jean. If you're aware of the proper lyrics, it can be a bit irritating because you want to sing the proper lyrics, and Chris goes and sing something completely different. So I can see why they wouldn't be fond of it, but i just find it cute
  7. Which province are you living in Marie, if you don't mind me asking? :)
  8. Nice, was looking to buy that recipe book eventually, so glad to see some recipes posted from it. What makes those ingredients a bit tricky to find is all the gluten free ingredients. Another really tricky thing to get would likely be the Better than Milk soymilk powder. I think stores like trader joe's might sell it in the states, but in Canada only very few health stores sell it and otherwise you buy it online. It's a bit pricy too... =\ The various flours you can find in the more health conscious friendly stores (whole foods, planet organic, capers) or in very large supermarkets that
  9. lmao @ powerpop. Look up ANY video from this tour where the entire audience is singing (especially the viva ooohs) and YES they will overpower the one singer, even if he has a microphone. nothing wrong with the sound according to any of the videos that have been posted, looks like a lovely concert, and being able to hear people singing is a good indication that the crowd was way into it.
  10. A bit much... Not every concert is going to be flawless, and you cant expect that it will be when you purchase a concert ticket. All you're guaranteed with the purchase of your ticket is a concert, and barcelona got one. Reviews I've read from journalists have said it was a FANTASTIC show aside from the sound problems in the first 2 songs only. It seems its only really fan reviews that are saying how terrible it was... They put in a lot of work to give a good show, they werent slacking or brushing Barcelona aside. Technical problems are bound to happen once in a while though, especially on
  11. I would rather Coldplay be associated more with serious musicians than tween hearthrobs. =\
  12. That story sounds pretty made up.. As for the clothing, can't say I like them or that I'd ever buy black tights for 250 pounds, but it's for charity, isn't it?
  13. I'm surprised by how long he lasts without getting sick! The lack of sleep, the constant travelling...I went on one trip to Maui this year and came back with a pretty bad sore throat. So if I was going from airport to airport, timezone to timezone, I can only imagine...
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