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  1. Wow!!! Can you show some of your work here? It must be nice living close to the mountains. How come we've never really talked before? LOL I live in the City and worked 10hrs a day treating patients! I think we all got old and just stopped trolling each other :joy:
  2. Hello from the Far East (although Afi already has)! Sparkle here, mostly active during VLV and halfway through MX then life happened :) How's everyone?? Been a fan since 2000, I remember being a member of coldplay.com when they used to have fans login but I don't remember my username anymore. Hello again! It's good to see some familiar usernames posting here. :dance:
  3. Tristan!!! Sinasabi ko na nga ba't pamilyar ang pangalan mo... wahahaha! And clairvoyant lang ang peg? :D
  4. You are the sweetest, most thoughtful person ever in my life. I'm still at a loss for words but I'm trying to respond to your email right now. :elephant: :flutterby:

  5. Dear skinny elephant, got both your messages okay but I must sleep now because its late and its difficult to keep my head up for long so I will reply tomorrow. I'm feeling a little better now so I think more rest is just needed. I'll be fine, don't worry. :wink: Have a good evening and don't forget to rest yourself. I xx

  6. Hi Nancy! I got your PM and have forwarded it to my friend. I will let you know the details as soon as she replies. Thank you for everything Nancy, for even doing this before the year ends. :hug:

  7. Hi Nancy, I don't know either but its the only way I know how you guys from outside my country can donate thru finances.

  8. I love it as well my friend, but this time feels so different. :bigcry: check PM.

  9. I got sick yesterday from camp. It was really awful. I'm trying to get better, although my body's sore from lying in my bed the entire day. :embarrassed: But, 2011 is almost over!! And fireworks are seen (and heard loudly!) this early. Any plans for New year's eve?

  10. You mean your VM to me? Didn't get any PMs from you dear. I just woke up and got back from camp (visited since this is my last camp). Things happened. Will tell you when I recover from my sickness. But you owe me an email! And please get more rest, sleep and all that jazz!

  11. Were you able to sleep now? Sleeping Beauty, wow that's so... ehrm, how should I say it subtly, too hopeless romantic? :laugh4: Who are you watching it with? I watched Sleeping Beauty 2 days ago, only it was Emily Browning's. :shocked2: Edit: you must see this, the scene in my backyard just now.. :heart: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2686090724877&l=e72d6ca8b2

  12. OH DEAR!!! I am soooo sorry Danila I'm a terrible secret santa baby! I got your MX-themed card in time for Christmas, and I really love it! How could I resist Guy staring at me like that? Haha but it was a little ruined because the sticky thing from the envelope stuck with it as well. But I really appreciate that you made the card by yourself plus added pictures of the adorable boys. I will be posting pictures soon, I'm just really swamped right now! Happy Christmas to you! :wink:
  13. I'm okay. But you, what's been up? Did you see my email? Do you want to talk here or somewhere else? :)

  14. you are up rather early.

  15. Also, I heard from the news today that the mayors of those two places affected (Cagayan de Oro and Iligan) are starting to rebuild infrastructures and already have places where they can relocate the displaced families. The president of our country was suggesting to turn the flooded area which is considered as the catch basin now to turn into a park or something. For once, maybe I need to say this just to express my feelings towards this calamity: I am so pissed that the 'logging ban' in our country has not been passed still amidst the many flashfloods that has been happening. Not only that,
  16. Don't stop giving Good morning. Me and my friends were able to set up an account to receive monetary donations across the world thru PayPal, so this one we can directly monitor, the PayPal ID is: [email protected] Do send me a private or visitor message when you've deposited your money so I can monitor it. Also, these people are still in need of clothes, towels, blankets, underwear (seriously) or relief goods especially water and toiletries (napkin and diapers) so if you have spares please hand them over to any LBC branch in your country (so far I only know these countries to be invol
  17. Hey! Thank you for the nice things you said about me and Anna's singing, we enjoyed doing it for everyone and I'm glad you appreciate it! :nice: Merry Christmas!

  18. Hi! Thanks for the wonderful things you said about our singing. :nice: We really enjoyed doing it and I'm glad you appreciate it. :wink: I can email you our song as soon as I get it from Anna if you want, she was the last to record it.

  19. I don't think that's a good idea. Its their personal accounts and shouldn't be invaded with coldplay stuff. I mean, debs' and anchorman's email addresses are obviously for work. And its Christmastime so we should all just wait, I know they'd notice the video eventually. Happy Christmas to you!
  20. You're welcome, Nancy. I am so happy to sing for everyone though I don't sound that good haha. How was your christmas dear?

  21. Anna! There was no song attachment in your email message. =(((

  22. That's nice, I think he'll appreciate it! And yes miss you must go to bed now, I know I have to, I've been up for almost 24 hours now!

  23. No I was actually asking you hehe, because we were chatting this morning, so I thought of becoming your elf today if you haven't sent him a christmas greeting yet. :nice:

  24. I think it was Anna, because I was singing until the last 'doesn't really feel like Christmas at all'. Did you send Pete a christmas greeting already? If we are to chat later, do you want to pass a message? :nice:

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