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  1. Hello too! And I'm from Las Pinas too! I've been on here for so long, but barely used my account so I'm so happy there is now a mobile app for this! :)
  2. I hope they come to the Philippines!! They have never been here, and it would be just amazing if they did.
  3. Sorry, but can someone please record and upload it? I cant seem to play or download it. It 'll be much appreciated! Thank you! :)
  4. Hi, does anyone have any confetti for me? I would love to actually get some and see some. I live all the way in the Philippines and they've never been to my country and I've never seen them live. :( Is there anyone willing to share some confetti? :)
  5. i think it's the bands. :) he's been with them ever since and i see him in pictures of guy too. but i'm not sure.
  6. ^^ oh my god ksfjdngksjgnkjsgfhnkg you guys are so lucky!!! ahhh! i am so happy that you got to meet Chris and that you got to talk to Chris!! :D this is so beautiful!! Chris omg. he looks so adorable though! ahahah and omg. i have never seen Chris with a hand bag though. ahhaha! that part made me laugh a bit. :D but i love that shirt of his! :D ankjfngk ahH! i am so happy for you! :D *and extremely jealous that you got to hug and talk to him* hahah
  7. Aww! Will is so kind and so precious! :heart:
  8. i know i'm late but, congrats to Phil and Yasmin! :D aww phil!! <3 i was smiling throughout the entire video! haha! if i were in that crowd, i would have ran and asked him for an autograph! hahaha! :laugh3: this is my new favorite picture! their faces are so adorable! :D :nice::chris::phil:
  9. Aww Phil! :D :dazzled::dazzled::heart: He looked great! :D And yes, a video will be nice! :D
  10. crap. sorry. i didnt see that. i thought i went through all the pages. turns out i skipped that one. sorry. :( thank you! :)
  11. Is the concert going to be streamed on Rogue? I mean, is it for certain that it will be streamed? :) I cant understand what they're saying. :confused:
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