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  1. Just watched the film and it was very good. Liked that it was about Coldplay back in the day. Bought back a lot of memories, like listening to rush of blood and viva for the first time when they came out. Especially viva, I remember how huge that became especially with the Apple advert they did for the album. You can see just how motivated and driven they were to make the perfect album, especially Chris. They need that same passion back.
  2. I had to take a long break from Coldplay after their crap last album. Good to hear of a live album coming out, Coldplay always been top live
  3. Question: Are they not going to release a live album too? Last time they did this back in 2012 they released a live album along with the film. They should release a live album this time too, ain't heard them live in ages.
  4. I ain't been on here for years mainly because I didn't like there last album and the direction they are heading in, sort of gave up on them But heard about this film talking about the early years and the new live album which I'm guessing will have mostly there new songs on there. And a new album coming out which im hoping is a lot better.
  5. Went off Coldplay after their last album completely sucked. Can't get myself to listen to this EP as I know it's more of the same rubbish that was on AHFOD. But I listened to the miracles song and it's not bad so might give it a listen. Only five songs on the album and two of them are remixes. No idea why they put a remix of Hypnotised on it when they haven't even released the normal version of that song.
  6. Just when I quit Coldplay after their latest mediocre release they suck me back in again. This was one of the best gigs I've seen. Stunning. The bee gees section was awesome.
  7. What has happened to NME, it used to trash on Coldplay and acts of that nature. Then it gives them the godlike genius award and even Taylor Swift wins an award haha. Coldplay deserved it but Taylor Swift. Chris Martin should've decked that BMTH frontman. I would have. It would've made Chris look cool, something which clearly Chris wants. The opportunity was right there.
  8. The amount of hate this is getting lol. It's become easy to hate on Coldplay. They've become that band that will never be seen as cool
  9. The time is now. Hopefully they don't mess up and Chris actually delivers a great vocal performance cause after Lady Gaga and with Beyoncé performing his vocals will have to be up to scratch
  10. The worst thing about this is I have to actually sit through American football. Ffs it's so boring
  11. Gonna be so awkward when Coldplay are performing and the audience doesn't give a shit lmao.
  12. Coldplay will perform an amazing set and people will trash on them. Beyoncé will come out shake her ass for one song and she'll be loved and talked about with idiot morons saying 'slayyy Beyoncé slayed' 'queen bey' This is coldplays fault doing that shit shit song with her.
  13. Let's be honest, no ones even gonna care that Coldplay performed, they gonna get overshadowed by that stupid cow Beyoncé
  14. First time listened to Sigur ros today and the album Takk. First half of the album is absolutely stunning and blew me away cause I was expecting it to be shit. But the second half of the album just drags and was the shit I was expecting it to be.
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