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  1. Studying. Making a playlist for the one I like.
  2. I don't think we'll suddenly stop giving a shit or anything D: Yeah I'm studying here for one semester (from January-June). I just finished school stuff so this last month is just traveling a bit. I am not sure if I'll actually see Nathan now when I'm in London, he said he wasn't sure if he'd be around to hang out. :(

  3. What if you guys just don't give a shit one day and just leave? I stayed home to rest. Nothing exciting but I needed it after so much crap. Are you going to school there? I'm kinda jealous, you've seen bands and shit :( and Nathan is one lucky bastard. He gets to meet so many people.

  4. Even tho you're not physically around you're still really important and special for my life. Where'd you go on vacation? Europe is cool. I'm actually gonna meet Nathan probably next month cause I'm going to London.

  5. yeah but it doesn't match being physically there.. Currently on vacation, I'll go back to work this Sunday. 45 more days and my one year internship is over. How is Europe going for you?

  6. our friendship is "real" too and I love you so much :( How is working and stuff going?

  7. well you bitches have too much of a real life anyway :(

  8. I know we don't it sort of sucks. No one was ever online to tinychat at the same times and then we all stopped even bringing up tinychatting. :/

  9. <3 I miss Lauren too :( we never talk anymore bitch.

  10. I miss you too. I was thinking of you and Lauren this morning and how great you guys are. I wanna hug y'all. :(

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