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  1. I agree about Swallowed in the Sea. I also love A Message and Hardest Part...actually...I love all of X&Y's lyrics...they sound so perfect with those melodies. I love the ending of Politik too, where the music slows down to the piano bit...so beautiful. I also love Proof...HELL I LOVE 'EM ALL.
  2. So we all know Coldplay has amazing lyrics, but I was wondering what your favourite was. I love all their lyrics...I'm sure as do you, but what lyric really hits you? Inspires you? Leave ya thoughts... CP forever. :laugh3:
  3. Hey...I was just thinking about my favorite band in the world. Don't they make you sad sometimes because you wish you could meet them? Or like, do they seem like they're not real people because they're music is so good and they're so perfect to you that they can't possibly be real? Or wonder how they get into your head and steal your thoughts...well...I was just thinking. :) what were you thinking?
  4. Thanks, I think it has to be one of the best songs. I have seen the clip but thanks for the recommendation. Hope your ok.

  5. I thought this was Chris, holy 2o3iu9482 and I love it.
  6. You'd have to have quite a bit of money, not to say Coldplay is greedy, but they are quite a popular band...I'm not sure whether or not they would consider doing something like that, but hey, ya never know right?
  7. Hi. What's up? Or in German: Hallo, wie sind Sie?

  8. Does anyone know where I can download the B-Sides and tracks found on the vinyl promotions? Thanks.:D
  9. THANK YOU! EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING "Well he's from Zepplin..." yeah. zepplin is dead
  10. Yeah well their songs are terrible. Coldplay should have won
  11. He says something about it in this video. They have a "rule" now that albums can't be longer than 42 minutes. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4784037n
  12. Okay. Look. I'm a huge Radiohead fan, but I hated "In Rainbows" Coldplay was going to be the surefire winner for Best Album at the Grammys... AND THEY LOST TO "RAISING SAND" ?!?!!??!?!??!?!!?! Come on people! This is an insult to music! And it's not just because I love Coldplay either...that album that won is terrible. I had to listen to the whole thing while my friend told me how great it was....ughh. I understand that people might like different music than I do...but VLVODAAHF was just pure genius. That's a cohesive, amazing album if I've ever heard one. I wore my Viva T
  13. CP on 60 Minutes video Hey check out this video of Coldplay on 60 Minutes http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4784037n I love Chris :) AND WTF IS UP WITH THEM LOSING BEST ALBUM TO ALISON KROUSE AND ROBERT PLANT?!?!?! TERRIBLE! This is an insult to music.
  14. Is there anywhere I can get the B-Sides of the 7 inch VH? thanks guys :laugh3:
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