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  1. Happy birthday, Ains! :kiss:

  2. Happy birthday. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

  3. Aw man, I haven't been on here in so long and now I've become all shy :blush: but hello my name is Ainsley weee :crown: also omg Emma stop being such a babe øågdflpgdfkopjig
  4. omg nick heLLO it feels so weird being back on here holy shit ahahahuidfhgiu and omg how am I a famous artist? silly boY :wacky:

  5. HIIIIIIIIIIIII AINSLEY, you're like a famous artist now, you go girl.

  6. I haven't been on here in forever and now I just feel weird(????)
  7. Aw man, good luck with this one! :wacky: Once again I'm sorry for being the one to make the second one disappear mju :disappointed: ♥♥♥
  8. I like your artwork of the deer with the Christmas lights..

  9. hei :sad: the main reason it took a while for me to send it in the first place was that I received the book before christmas and I was too scared to send it back out before new year because it might get lost in the crazy christmas post time, you know? But I sent it out on the day I said I would and I don't understand why it hasn't gotten to Sweden yet ;___: Sweden isn't even that far away! I feel so terrible right now ugh I'm sorry if I have ruined everything now. I really hate living in such a small town.
  10. you sended the book?

  11. ewhtvfjkvdfgiuyxfjhouigyjhvbk ljfucjiuhxgycuhvojclxihuigy fj oh udhmd hg I am SO sorry :bigcry: you are all allowed to come beat me up it's ok I deserve it I feel so terrible :sad: please forgive me for the huge wait :disappointed: I'll send it out on monday I promise
  12. ainsley


    no of course not, I'm aware of that. but not all people know where to get meat and animal products locally and from places where the animals are treated nice + it might be more expensive than just getting meat in the grocery store you always go to and what not. It might just be easier to go vegetarian for some people. I don't know. I've just seen so much shit about the animal/meat industry like what how why ugh HUMANS.
  13. ainsley


    vegetarian: you don't eat meat, but you eat other animal products like eggs and milk and stuff. vegan: no animal products at all.
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