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  1. You can find the entire show in the multimedia section. There is only the one part.
  2. Hmmmmm..no she is not a superwoman. At times I wonder if she is even working with the band anymore or if she is off getting some sort of counseling/psychology degree. She certainly seems to find time to answer the same "relationship" questions over and over again. And I personally do not find those questions to be "interesting or exciting or unique."
  3. ^Isn't Brooke just a freaking genius?????? She needs to write a story more often. Even if she is off doing "other things." The thread needs her.
  4. your visitor message needs some lovin' so here is some Texan lovin' WHOOP!

  5. ^Can you blame Jonny?? My God....Chris is...amazing.
  6. Nah...Chris isn't gay. He just loves Jonny. That doesn't mean he loves all guys. Just one particular green-eyed guitar player.
  7. It says the U.S. television debut of two new songs. I don't think it means new to the rest of us, unfortunately.
  8. ^ When Chris is walking out of interviews left and right because he keeps getting asked about that tweet, I hope you tell him to calm down as well.
  9. Warning Unpopular Opinion. I think she showed a complete lack of taste, class and intelligence with that tweet. She could have easily written :Who does a person have to know in the same tweet and it would have been cute. As it is, she looks cheap and makes the band look cheap as well. I think she probably meant it in a good way, but geez...didn't she realize it would be all over the internet in two seconds? Another example of how out of touch with reality she is. As for the tabloids: Total bullshit. I think they are a very happily married couple.
  10. Hello Simon!! Nice to see you again. Oh and by the way...I will be sending you all my therapy bills since you created this thread. I have been overcome with a fanfiction writing obsession which completely consumes me. If you don't believe me, ask Brooke.... I can't stop writing.... I can't stop writing.... (heeheehee) Love you lots and hope you stick around!!! We need you!!!!
  11. ^I am sure that isn't the first time Chris yelled that to Jonny when they were both so sweaty.
  12. Oh, Brooke...Thanks for posting a new chapter of THE ALLEY. I really, really like this one.
  13. ^Have you seen the fanfiction thread??
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