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  1. :DI'm not Patricia Tommi

  2. If your interested in hearing new music and have some free time would you check out my demo tape I just released? http://www.youtube.com/Bowpowradio I don't really know how to advertise myself or promote my music and it would be a great help to gain some views and get some feedback. Also like me on Facebook if you like my music - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bowpow/126690580738436?sk=wall I'm a real person and I'm not a spambot. :D

  3. Hello, I am Patricia Tommi. I am 24 years old. From Ivory Coast. I saw your profile at (www.coldplaying.com). I think i will appreciate your friendship. Could you please contact me at this my e-mail address ([email protected]) for my picture and more information about me. Note: colour, distance or age is no barrier to friendship. Patricia. ([email protected])

  4. that's not true that michael fans hate coldplay's version. see, i'm the biggest fan of them all, i've loved michael since i was a little kid, and i think coldplay doing billie jean at their shows is amazing. it's not about whose version is better, it's about them paying respect to the man. thumbs up. i know everyone was singing their hearts out to billie jean at wembley. it says a lot.
  5. if anyone got 2 spare wembley tickets either for friday or saturday, i'd be willing to buy them. thanks :]
  6. ok. don't die, just break your fucking legs, fucker
  7. you know what, FUCK YOU, i hope YOU die.
  8. :hug: He was the king.

  9. i've been crying my eyes out for hours now. i just can not believe this.

  10. HOLY COW. Did you hear about Michael Jackson?

  11. in the butt. Not a fan of Matthew/Muse, so Chris gets all my votes (i have 7837836 of them).
  12. oh no, you didn't have to take it down! i just thought he looked a bit weird in that picture, kind of reminded me of chicken. but it's all good, put it back for other to enjoy! ;]
  13. my iPod's named kenneth. i named him after the r.e.m. song "what's the frequency, kenneth?" cause it's green. (the lyrics go: you wore a shirt of violent green, uh huh) that's the only thing i've named. and i do call it by it's name.
  14. there's something really strange about the last picture!
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