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  1. I was a vegetarian a long time ago for about a year (although I still ate fish, so I don't know if it really counts)... But I didn't really do it for any reason other to see if it could. Then I just slowly began to eat meat again. I give lots of kudos to people who have the dedication to become vegetarian/vegan and who do it for whatever their own personal cause is. (also just because you stop eating meat, doesn't mean you're eating healthy. Make sure you still get your source of protein, but I'm sure you know that. I just had a friend who went vegan and wasn't eating enough protein, so sh
  2. I wish I had the opportunity to contact my roommate. My university gives out contact info once a roommate is assigned, but they messed up somehow and accidentally assigned me someone who had decided not to attend my uni. They fixed the glitch, but now I have no roommate assigned and I'm afraid I'm not going to know who it is until after I move in. :(
  3. English. I'm not really into school, though, as much as I'm trying to get my career going. I've been working merch for a couple bands, hoping eventually I can become a tour manager.

  4. Ah, are you studying anything specific in uni? :wacko:

  5. Whiteout 6/10 At the end of the film, I realized that it was based on a comic I bought a long time ago but never read. And now I'm torn cause I want to read it, but I know the ending already and it makes me a little sad.
  6. 1) Small Steps, Heavy Hooves - Dear and the Headlights 2) The Stooges - The Stooges 3) G. Love and Special Sauce - G Love and Special Sauce 4) Panic Prevention - Jamie T 5) Life In Cartoon Motion - Mika 6) New York Dolls - New York Dolls 7) 11:11 - Regina Spektor 8) Ode to Sunshine - Delta Spirit 9) Fever To Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 10) Mellow Gold - Beck 11) The Angry Young Them - Them 12) Robbers & Cowards - Cold War Kids 13) Funeral - Arcade Fire 14) Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys 15) Acrobatic Tenement - At The Drive-In 16) Horses - Patti Smith 17) She Hangs Brightly - Ma
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H29u0g8aGDA&feature=related]YouTube- Lydia - A Story For Supper[/ame] I went to a show in which they were headlining. Never heard of them before that show, but I found out that they were on their last tour before splitting up for good. It was a bittersweet moment discovering these guys.
  8. It's okay. I haven't been on here in a long time. I've been busy with uni stuff, but I thought I'd pop by the boards again.

  9. Oh! I never replied to your last thing. It looks like I ignored you haha. I like them. How have you been?

  10. The majority of my animals were "rescued" in a way. My turtle had it's tail bitten off by other turtles when it was little and they would pick on it. (but now my turtle is huge and aggressive), I had a frog I found that wasn't doing so well and nursed back to health, my dog was abandoned, I had taken home a baby bird that was dying and tried to nurse it to health but it died a couple days later. I also had a lizard whom the majority of it's fingers weren't burnt off along with part of it's tail and a bit of it's face. I'm going to be one of those crazy ladies who ends up with a gazllion p
  11. except it's blue. It's my favorite shirt, though. I honestly usually only buy merch for smaller bands, though. Because I don't really have a whole lot of money to spend and I want the money I do have to support small bands who don't really make that much money to begin with. Oh, but I also really love my Coldplay bag. I use it more than a regular purse. heh.
  12. Has anyone listened to Zola Jesus' new EP, Stridulum? I think it's one of my favorite albums to so far this year. Every time I listen to it, every single song on it gives me chills.
  13. I love turtles too. I'm actually saving up my money to get a tattoo of a turtle. :) and my dog is a schnauzer. I love him so much, he's super weird but really loyal and loving and we actually found him, but he was already house trained and everything so that was really awesome.
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