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  1. The piano rose up and down out of the B stage. They might've had one each for both the A and B stages but I'm not sure. The outro of Warning Sign was one of my favourite parts of the concert! I found PoC to be awkward and I would've preferred if it was swapped for something else, but it's my mom's favourite song. That's the problem, I think it wouldn't make the mainstream crowd happy if it wasn't played. Charlie Brown was awesome. Chris said something like, "Okay, if you can jump, I want to see you jumping!" Needless to say, everyone jumped. Where I was at least. So fun.
  2. Oh that's so sad... who would do that at a Coldplay concert? Now I understand why they were making everyone turn around and why there were paramedics and such...
  3. Yeah that mess-up was amusing. I had no problem with hearing it again. The wristband thing was brilliant too. I keep hoping mine will light up again.
  4. That. was. so. fun. It was very hit-oriented (I guess as expected, it's the MX tour anyway) but man. Could not stop singing along. Bravo. Warning sign was a nice little surprise there. I was hoping for Politik but it never came :( but hey. I'd go over and over again. When that live DVD comes out, I will be abusing it a lot.
  5. I understand. Travelling must have been great, though. Chile? wow. What was that like? Totally. Even the good songs hold up bad because of it. Nah, it's just like high school w/ music. I have all the normal classes I need to go to uni+ music. You can do the same with dance, drama and sports.

  6. Ego - Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke :heart: Country Dreamer - Paul McCartney & Wings Mr. Robinson's Quango - Blur Norwegian Wood - The Beatles Beast of Burden - The Rolling Stones :heart: Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly Turn Your Love - Jack Johnson Black Star - Radiohead Dizzy Miss Lizzy - The Beatles Skinny Love - Bon Iver
  7. This is hilarious. who made this site?
  8. So..... This may have become a Katy vs Zooey vs Lady Gaga thread, but I'm just gonna go ahead and give my opinion of the album in a fangirl-reduced environment. When I was first listening to it, I was kind of scared. But then I kind of wanted to dance. sometimes I kind of wanted to turn it off (drum machines?!) but all in all I was kind of shocked. especially when Parachutes came on after. How did we get here? Should I like this...? this is weird.
  9. I was still living at home, but spending a lot of time traveling around North America, so there wasn't a lot of time to be online outside of fitness training, traveling, sleeping, etc. It was a good time! I just came back from Chile, and I'm looking forward to ski season this year! Sugar coated, good word for it. Yeah I just have this whole new appreciation for their earlier material. Is this a special music academy or something of the sort?

  10. Yeah, I can see that. Did you go some place else, or just not spend that much time online? That sounds really fun :) Exactly! I was hoping it would sound a bit like Christmas Lights. Apparently the two songs with that kind of style were part of the album they scrapped in favor of Paradise, which just makes me sad. A lot of the songs are good, they're just soooo sugar coated :\ Music in general. Theory etc.

  11. Well, a lot of the reason is I just kicked into classic rock gear for the last year, and that's not really the common interest around here.... I just got bored I guess. I was in my senior year of high school too, so I really cut down the internet use so I could actually finish. I was ski racing a lot too and traveling for that. just a busy busy time. And I moved to the US to ski race, and since I'm only taking a couple courses and training, I have more internet time! yay! Yeah when I heard it would be more acoustic I was excited. And I was pretty disappointed when it was the opposite. There's a couple songs that I can't resist dancing to. but.... soooo overproduced-sounding!:\ let's just say Parachutes came on after and I was shocked it was the same band. What kind of music are you studying?

  12. Yeah, so what's up with that? What've you been up to. Nah, not a big fan. It's a not really bad, but it disappointed me. I'm good :) I've started high school studying music. Basically, yeah.

  13. I know haha. It's really my bad. I just feel like I haven't had any time to be here until now! Since MX came out, I thought I may as well jump in the discussion. Do you like the album? and how are you?

  14. I'm sorry, I've had a lot on my mind lately :( It's been like over a year since you wrote last, though.

  15. Good- very produced-sounding Bad- very produced-sounding I'm having a hard time coming to terms with some of the songs. but I've only listened to it a few times... there were moments when I was just freaking happy and dancing around though. And then Parachutes came on after and I was really shocked that it was the same band.
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