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  1. Coldplay come on at 9, and leave just before 10.30 (this includes encore) So if you can get out quickly enough you can see the whole gig
  2. never been t a gig in manchester, wont be there..bit if that bcfc is for bimringham city, manchester isn't a good place fo rus you know...4-1
  3. Saw them live in ipswich this year, the day after the london bombings...they opened with everybody hurts. So moving. Also got so central rain :) A very very good band live, really puts on a great show and gives you value for your money, got over 2 hours of REM, and two opening acts. One of my fave cocnerts i've ever been too, certainly my fave stadium gig
  4. it was another generic performance actually. As i've said in another thread, didnt hate it but didnt love it. Also don't hate coldplay as they are one of my fave bands but i'm finding the 2 concert experiences i have of them to be rather underwhelming when i hold them next to other bands i have seen. You can't really say he's trying to piss on your parade, if it's his opinion it's his opinion. You are clearly going to love anything coldplay do (how this is turning into a radiohead forum teehee) but others can find indiference with familiarity.
  5. well was originally right at the very front of the gig, until illness really kicked me up the arse like it had been threatening to do for the past two days and i had to seek medical assistance for the 1st 20 minutes of coldplay, and thus lost my awesome view. Though the view i got when i rejoined was still good. Ashcroft impressed, have never much liked him (and still rather find bittersweet dull...but did get drugs dont work). How-ever, onto the main event.......what a crap setlist. I'm sorry to say it as i've now seen them twice and virtuallt identical setlists. How dissapointing.
  6. pfft. he over-rates himself does that guy. hell he's given me loads of info,. He lies you see.......that or he loves me. berry ya ditzy thing you x i have about 6 people off here on my msn, only know who one of them is mind lol
  7. one off...wow.....that aside from the manchester and birmingham ones too? :-p silly you jumping in...if you'd read the website you'd have noticed it said "tour dates"not "tour date". N.I.A in brum, capacity, 13,000! How cool will that be.... though i'm too skint to buy tickets just yet, damn it. I agree though, saw him at warwick earlier this year and it was amazing (plus i got warwick this bitch, yay)
  8. :wink3: well my dear, the pleasure i'm sure is all yours
  9. well i like it to, i keep taking your cherry
  10. i hear you roar everytime i make sweet passiontate love to you....or when i'm making a cake
  11. Majson


    i think i have but 3 coldplaying members on msn.....i dont talk much on it to be fair
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