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  1. Thanks man. For me it is one of my favourites. Nice how we all like the same band but still have different tastes.
  2. Hi Folks Been a while since I've logged on to Coldplaying - but I wanted to share my new cover of Midnight with you. I decided to give the ending a 'free interpretation' !
  3. [MEDIA=soundcloud] [/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/thomas-kop/coldplay-lovers-in-japan-acoustic-cover Hope you guys like it. I share it because it's one of their infinitely best songs.
  4. Pinkpop was their best concert ever. Just from 'Ready to Start' till the end where they had to stop because of the bad weather I've never seen anything more close to bliss in music. The extra dimension, the big unknown amazing mistery, it all comes together on that heavenly timeless second half of the performance.
  5. okay that was about the most epic 'No Cars Go' EVER.
  6. Live from Pinkpop AF starts 19:45 Metallica 20:40 (GMT +1) Live here Should have posted this earlier: The Stones, Editors, Arctic Monkeys, John Mayer, Bastille and Paolo Nutini performed too this weekend.
  7. Exactly my thoughts..Chinese sleep Chant YES. And in addition maybe Harmless...Famous old Painters, Lukas.
  8. I think Viva proves that reaching success is also possible by producing artistic music, and not only by some kicks & claps in FL Studio.
  9. *EDIT* stream appears to be fake, however this link worked during RW. Festival will take place the upcoming days. Best names: Arcade Fire Robbie Williams The Rolling Stones Linkin Park Lorde Ed Sheeran Justin Timberlake Jessie J http://rockinriolisboa.sapo.pt/cartaz/ Enjoy!
  10. When I leave my girlfriend or when I die I make sure I deliver a right goodbye.
  11. That one song A self-written poem In all my endless dreams Full of weird and awful themes I hoped for Chris and the boys to write Awesome songs about the night So when my phone let me know That this song got released, I stubbed my toe Out of excitement because I ran Right to my laptop, I felt like a man But then me and A Sky Full Of Stars actually meet And the next moment my laptop finds itself lifeless on the street.
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