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  1. 188,50€ is standing, 205€is seating. Both with early entrance.
  2. CAT2 VR is restricted view. The special packages include a Ghost Stories gift and a laminate. Hot seat is a seat with early entrance.
  3. 8 May 2014 / submitted by Raphael, Australia Q. Dear Oracle, I would like to start an official Coldplay Fan club. The concept would be to ask a yearly fee which would cover costs of special fan release, give access to pre release Tickets and would send some goods for Christmas or any other occasion. Coldplay used to have an official community and today there are several community on the web. What about creating an 'official' community? Thank you THE ORACLE REPLIES > Thanks, Raphael but the answer will have to be "no". Coldplay used to have a fan club in the early days but it was cl
  4. 8 May 2014 / submitted by Chris, Germany Q. Is it true that the members of Coldplay split their earnings 20-20-20-40? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Yes it is. Chris mentioned this during his interview with Zane Lowe last week. He added he wasn't sure if he'd said that before. He had - he told Howard Stern back in 2011.
  5. 8 May 2014 / submitted by Hugo, United Kingdom Q. Who made the artwork for Ghosts Stories? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Mila Furstova is the amazing artist. As always, the band have been involved with the process but Mila created it.
  6. 8 May 2014 / submitted by Nicolas, United States of America Q. Hey Oracle! Have the winners of the #morecoldplay sweepstakes been contacted? THE ORACLE REPLIES > I actually don't know though I would think so as the closing date was Monday. The #morecoldplay sweepstake was independently organised and executed by Target so I would suggest having a nosey on twitter. The hashtag should help.
  7. 7 May 2014 / submitted by Raymond, United States of America Q. Dear Oracle, Do you happen to know the whole setlist that was used this recent concert in NYC? The show aired on the SiriusXM only played 15 songs. Is that really the entirety of the show? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Yes, these intimate shows are shorter than previous arena / stadium shows but the reason the radio station only played 15 songs is at the request of the band not to air brand new, as yet unheard tracks from the album (True Love). Only 12 days to go! The set list was: Always in My Head Charlie Brown Paradise Ma
  8. 7 May 2014 / submitted by Lele, Italy Q. Hi Oracle Why and how Coldplay come to a decision to collaborating with Giorgio Moroder ? I love this collaboration... THE ORACLE REPLIES > I assume this follows on from the Avicii question. This isn't a collaboration; it's a remix. Totally different thing but anyone who does an official remix - or that the band work with - the band will be fans of. That's the common denominator, they wouldn't pick someone if they didn't like their work.
  9. 6 May 2014 / submitted by Johnny, United States of America Q. I know Magic and A Sky Full Of Stars are the first two singles of the Ghost Stories era. What does that leave Midnight? How would this be classified? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Singles are usually taken from an album - but not always - and released for sale. Midnight was what they call in the biz, a promotional track. The band premiered the video on the website but it wasn't released as a single. Promo items such as digital downloads are commonplace but of course in this case, there was also the limited pressing of a 7" for Record
  10. 6 May 2014 / submitted by She , Philippines Q. Why and how did Coldplay come to a decision of collaborating with Avicii? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Chris is simply a massive fan of Avicii and was really keen to collaborate. That's it really.
  11. 6 May 2014 / submitted by Cynthia, Peru Q. Hello Oracle, I've noticed that you have missed South America for the lyrics hunt... Can you give us some love? Someday? THE ORACLE REPLIES > We DO love you. I promise you that. With almost 200 countries in the world, there were always going to be fans from around 191 of them that were disappointed. I don't know when the band will come back to South America but they love you and when they can, I am sure they will.
  12. Speed of Sound 5 Amsterdam 15 ---------------------- Violet Hill 19 Shiver 1
  13. Speed of Sound 4 Amsterdam 16 ---------------------- Violet Hill 18 Shiver 2
  14. 5 May 2014 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom Q. Hi Oracle! I was watching Jools Holland and I noticed Jonny sitting behind the piano during the start of Magic but the piano was playing itself, so I was wondering If Jonny played the intro or was he sat there for another reason? Thanks! THE ORACLE REPLIES > A few people have asked about the piano playing itself. This isn't the first time the band have adopted this technique (don't forget, it also featured in the Christmas Lights video). More of you seem to have noticed with Magic especially as Chris wasn't sat at it. Jonny does inde
  15. 5 May 2014 / submitted by Tim, United Kingdom Q. I'm a big fan of live music, but have noticed a new trend of not announcing gigs until around 2 weeks before they happen. Prince has just done it and Coldplay seem to be too. Can The Oracle explain the trend? THE ORACLE REPLIES > That's not actually the case. Prince's tour is called Hit & Run and by definition that suggests last minute and fairly spontaneous. Many of his gigs were only announced merely hours before. Our tour dates were announced in April for dates up to and including July. Ticket information for the remaining show
  16. 2 May 2014 / submitted by Josephine, France Q. TEAM ORACLE QUESTION #166 It's been a difficult year for me. I've been living alone in a foreign country for the first time in my life and even though it is amazing to follow my dreams, there are days that I truly miss being home. Does that feeling go away? Because it is not easy to feel happy and sad at the same time. Also if you could dye your hair any color what would it be? THE ORACLE REPLIES > Firstly let me congratulate you on embarking on a huge adventure. It's not an easy thing to do - uprooting yourself from the familiarity of h
  17. Speed of Sound 4 Amsterdam 16 ---------------------------- Don't Panic 20 Christmas Lights 0 --------------------------- Violet Hill 16 Shiver 4
  18. Speed of Sound 6 Amsterdam 14 -------------------------------- Clocks 18 Everything's Not Lost 2 -------------------------------- Don't Panic 16 Christmas Lights 4 -------------------------------- Violet Hill 12 Shiver 8
  19. I've just had the messenger you're talking about. I don't think the tickets will go on sale before May 14th (considering tne NYC gigs)
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