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  1. You make a good point, and after listening to the album a few times, it makes sense as a break between two very emotionally dark tracks. The only thing I would say is that after hearing the album in its entirety a few times, I'm hearing "BrokEn" as a really cool bonus track style song at the end of the album. It's pretty uplifting, and I think after the 'Hallelujah' of "Everyday Life" the track, it would be a really good track a la "Death Will Never Conquer" type track. In fact, Proskpekt's March plays out just like that with a track like "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground", which is one of my favorites of theirs. Now for my track rankings! The album took a few listens to really grow on my, and I'm not completely sold on the flow of the album either, or the fact that so many tracks are so short. I agree with people that Orphans just seems so out of place in this album and I feel like it could have waited for the next project or been released separately, because in the flow of the album, after Guns, it seems to change the tone completely. Tracks: SUNRISE Sunrise 8/10 - A beautiful intro to the album, and as with the rest of the tracks, it gets better with each listen, and it flows into Church pretty seamlessly. I still don't believe it feels as cohesive with the rest of the album as the previous openers (AIMH, AHFOD, MX, LiT, Square One, Politik, Don't Panic). Church 8/10 - There's a lot to like about this song, I think Chris's melody for the verse is interesting, and something that I haven't heard before in their music. The woman's voice is so great and I think if the lyrics were better I'd be playing this song more than I do right now. Trouble in Town 9/10 - This track started out great and has gotten better with each listen. I love the way it builds and ends, and I love the snippets I don't know why they are so jarring for other people, it just adds so much gravity and realism to their music which I love (and is missing in most music they write). BroKen 6.5/10 - Like I said before, I'm not sure about placement of this song in the album, considering how Trouble in Town ends and Daddy begins. I think it's better as a bonus track at the end of the album, but considering how different each song is I guess it's fine (with more listens it gets easier to listen to and makes sense as a break between two deeply emotional songs). Daddy 8/10 - I always love hearing Chris's low voice and the Famous Old Painters style riff on the piano is just so chilling. It feels like I've heard this song before, it's that familiar. I think it's a highlight from the album for sure, but not a track I can listen to over and over like the others. WOTW/POTP 8/10 - I actually love the voice memo aspect of this track, and I wish this track was a full track but I think it's a sweet little interlude (again) between two big tracks. It's good to see ideas like this coming to the forefront in the album, things they wanted to release but couldn't find a way to until this album. I think they are finding their groove again and finding that balance between Pre-Viva and Post-Viva sound that really works well. When I Need A Friend 8.5/10 - A hauntingly beautiful chant. When I heard about Annie Mac's Jo Wiley's (thanks @dylanww73) thoughts on this track I had really high expectations, which this didn't fulfill, but after a few listens I started ignoring that assumption and listening purely to the track and I really love how unique it is as a part of their catalogue. It's a good closer to the first half and I love the snippet in Spanish at the end. Interludes - weird that they are split up this way but I put them together and it sounds much better now. Works well to create a space and location and fits the album theme of using different voice memos and field recordings. SUNSET Guns 9/10 - wow just love how angsty and fast-paced and wow wow. The lyrics really stand out in this one and I do think if it was a full song it would ruin the way it's packaged so perfectly here. Love the "stop!" and the string bends at the end and the "fucking crazy". The chorus does seem like something Chris would make and the beginning melody feels like it breaks the gritty feel but when he comes back down with "maybe I'm crazy too" it saves the song. Orphans 8/10 - I loved this song when I first heard it and I still love to listen to it to give me energy to take on the day. Such a poppy song and yet it's produced really well and sounds much better than some of the tracks on AHFOD. I still have gripes about lyrics when it comes to Chris's pop songs though. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) the sound they create usually trumps any bad/cheesy lyrics (as with "Daddy" on this album). I loved the video and I think given a few years I won't really care about the lyrics as much as I did the first few listens. Eko 8.5/10 - From first listen I fell in love with the guitar part and how it sounds uniquely Coldplay and somehow ethnic in nature. I have yet to see the lyrics but I think I'm going to love them. Love the "in Africa" part and how it feels so warm and inviting. Cry Cry Cry 9/10 - Not sure why some people don't like this track, but it has really grown on me. I love jazz and with each listen I'm getting more into the jazz of this track. It sounds like this is one of the tracks Jacob Collier worked on (the "dum dum dum" vocal harmonies make it obvious). I love the weird childlike timbre of the second voice (sounds like Chris's voice altered in some way) and the jazzy piano and vintage nature of the track itself lends to this vibe. Old Friends 9/10 - I didn't think we would get a track like this again, but wow I just love how much it fits in their Parachutes/AROBTTH era. I would like to read the lyrics but it seems like such a dark and emotional song and I love the harmonies in the guitar and the melody. Like the other tracks it took a few listens to grow because of how different it is to the other tracks. Bani Adam 7.5/10 - It is kind of weird how the track splits in two with the second half fading in like that. I love the classical piano style and I love that it's something he's been playing on tour and finally put into an album track. Again, after a few listens I love the way it builds and lead to COTW. Champion of the World 8/10 - There has been such rave on this forum about this song and I was simultaneously unsurprised and bewildered when I first listened. I do hear it as a track off of X&Y and their earlier stuff, so it makes sense that so many fans would love the return to form and the beautiful happy-sad element to it. I didn't really find anything special in the track until just now listening to it actually, and thinking more about the lyrics than the "catchiness" of the song. I love the guitars on this track, but parts do sound a bit compressed to me. Will's singing is always great to hear. I think what did it is just hearing the way it ends. Everyday Life 9/10 - This track gave me chills when I first heard it (wasn't really in love with the live version) but I did agree with people that it ended way too soon. The strings are just so similar to Peter Gabriel's version of "Heroes" it gave me chills. The only part of the song that turns me off is the chorus of "Hold tight for everyday life", it just seems like too much. I do love how meditative it is and how it ends before seemingly returning to a climax (made me listen on repeat so many times). The tracks that stand out right now in my ears - Sunrise/Church, Trouble in Town, Arabesque, Guns, Eko, Cry Cry Cry, Old Friends Tracks that are sure to grow - Bani Adam/COTW, When I Need A Friend, WOTW/POTP, BrokEn, Daddy Overall I think my album rankings would still go 1. Viva 2. Parachutes 3. AROBTTH 4. MX 5. Everyday Life 6. X&Y 7. Ghost Stories 8. AHFOD
  2. I'm excited for the prospect that we might get some unreleased old stuff repurposed for this album, like "Arabesque".
  3. This is so exciting! I love Jacob and his music. He is a musical genius and it will be amazing to see his arrangements become a part of Coldplay's sound. For those of you who have never heard of Jacob, definitely check out his music, especially his most recent work "Djesse Vol.2". It has some killer tracks on there, and he explores a wide variety of arrangements and genres. I'm looking forward to seeing their genius at work.
  4. i didn’t notice that good catch! I think it’s hard for someone in the mix process to miss that, so I think it might be intended but I could be wrong. The hand percussion you hear in the chorus has a similar sound signature and could have been used as a way of transitioning between verse and chorus. The entire song seems really well made but has small things like this that seem out of place but don’t bother you if you don’t focus on them, like the way the “boom boom ka “ comes in and ends the song. I really love the interlude around 2 minutes, just that in itself gives such deep emotions that somehow connects me to the story of orphans of war. I’d love an instrumental of this track at some point.
  5. Coldplay is back! Seems like Coldplaying is booming yet again in preparation for another album. I want to take advantage of this and try to get this game going again! We can finish this bracket and start a new bracket with the new songs (!) once music is released. We are 9 votes away from the next pool! If you have voted already, try to get others from the forums to join in! Here's who has voted already: laxwatcher (me), @IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 , @I ran away , @Zero Theory , @Gideon_Mx , @cp3176 We need 9 more votes to reach the minimum of 15 for this pool to be decided!
  6. A vintage Coldplay album a la "The Goldrush" and "Ghost Story" combined with electronics of "Midnight" and funkiness of AOAL and style of "All Your Friends" would be amazing for me. This feels more like what "Ghost Stories" should have been, and I hope it is.
  7. ALBUM IS OUT GUYS! Would love to hear your thoughts, and share with friends, family, and fellow Coldplayers!!!
  8. We need 9 more votes from Coldplayers to move to the next pool. If you've already voted you must wait until the next round. Let's get this game running so we can build our bracket!
  9. Let's continue with Pool C! Rank these songs from favorite to least favorite. Each player can only rank once and we need 15 Coldplayers to tally and move on to the next pool. 1. Birds 2. Warning Sign 3. See You Soon 4. A Message 5. Wish I Was Here (feat. Cat Power) 6. X Marks the Spot
  10. It has been a long time since I was back on this thread. Forgot how great this bracket was! We've got to keep this one going! So just to reiterate the rules to everyone. I will post a pool of songs and each Coldplayer makes a post ranking each of them from favorite to least favorite (1-6). I add up the points at the end and the top three with the least points (highest rankings) move on to the bracket round. Pool B has been decided! Yes has narrowly beaten out Prospekt's March and Up With the Birds and The Hardest Part barely misses the cut to make it to the bracket rounds... Tough way to lose. Yes 37 Prospekt's March / Poppyfields 39 Up With the Birds 41 -------------------------------- The Hardest Part 47 Hymn for the Weekend 60 Famous Old Painters 70 The top three now move on to the bracket, but third honor in every bracket could still be put through a qualifying round before entering the main bracket.
  11. Thank you! I wish you luck in your process of finishing your album and will definitely give you a follow back if you follow me on Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. The links are all on my website or Soundcloud.
  12. Hey everyone, UPDATE --------------------------- Album is out in the world!!! Check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or wherever you listen to music. Links on my website: www.escapistmusic.com Vote for my song in this competition: HOFA ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So I have extremely HUGE news and I wanted to share with all of my fellow Coldplayers. Coldplay has been a huge influence in my life and are a major reason for me pursuing music as a career. Ever since middle school I have been writing music, but it was just a hobby until I decided to go to college to study it. I've grown so much as a person and a musician since then, and I am truly blessed to have idols like Coldplay. Now to the real stuff... Back in high school I was inspired by Viva la Vida and Mylo Xyloto to create a concept album of my own. I originally had entitled it "In Flight" because my family traveled a lot and I enjoyed flying (in fact, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up). The title concept for the album has not changed (except for getting rid of the word "In') but the music and the meaning has grown exponentially. It is a journey of life from birth to death told through the loose sonic and lyrical metaphor of "flight". This album is a culmination and a compilation of all my experiences and all the friends I made along the way, and I am really excited to share it with the world now that it is done. Since I know how much you all like teasers, I am creating a page on my website for the album, and you can see the artwork for it, which is Coldplay-esque. You can follow all the developments through my website or my Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Each track is different and comes together to form "FLIGHT". Here's the link to the album page (in the works): www.escapistmusic.com/flight And a link to my soundcloud for previous works: www.soundcloud.com/escapist515 I really hope you like my music and stay tuned for the album next month!
  13. "In the end, we lie awake. And we dream we'll make an escape."

  14. Don't worry I will go through the licensing process for the Escapist cover. Glad you liked it!
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