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  1. Je suis le martyr. Bon d├ębarras tous. Vive la France napol├ęonienne
  2. Really? I've seen interviews where Chris says he does listen to people's criticisms of the band. In Viva la Vida interviews, he specifically talks about "The Case Against Coldplay" article which scathingly criticizes his supposed 'cliche' and 'untalented' writing as bringing down the band. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, you can see a stark difference to the songwriting between the first 3 albums and Viva, where the lyrics in the later are much more abstract, colorful, and developed. You're saying he just conveniently changed his lyrical style and put a much larger focus on the lyrics and just ha
  3. They're not tolerating Coldplay's right to make whatever music they want. I'm referring specifically to the people who say they shouldn't make any more music/retire, not a blanket negativity that people are making it out to be. If they didn't do that, I wouldn't be making this argument in the first place. You're saying I'm intolerant and saying nope, you have no right to say this. But they're being JUST AS intolerant and you do NOTHING ABOUT IT. Nothing. Why is it FINE for them to be intolerant of Coldplay but NOT for me to be intolerant of them. Double. Standard. Everyone thinks others bein
  4. Yes, you do make a good point. The question now is why would I want to? Disagreeing with popular consensus on negativity and having my own form of logic makes me a loon. Clearly a sign of a receptive place I would think. Everyone has a right to be outlandish and bitterly critical but when I offer some kind of objection, no. There's no place for that. So everyone can speak their mind, but not really Thank you. No, I don't. I meant new level as beyond superficial argument. It's always fun to assume things as if you have no fallibility. I'll try to simplify my language. Clearly I'm in the
  5. I'm explaining my response to Cobalt about the logic of my statement. This is a lounge forum, almost anything is allowed including natural rights discussion. I cannot argue my point of the seemingly conflicting idea of why I have the right to argue people shouldn't be allowed to tell Coldplay to stop expressing themselves without a fundamental argument to the freedoms we enjoy. I'm not averse to deep intellectual conversations anywhere at any time. They should be encouraged and if you want to criticize my logic I'll take it to another level to get my point across.
  6. When one's freedom of expression seeks to prohibit others', it is immoral and not justified. As a caveat to that, there is an exception. If someone seeks to abuse free speech by curtailing the rights of others without moral justification, you have the right of restricting them in return. Coldplay is harming no one, they are not abusing others' rights and are not denying anyone free speech, so the people who are saying they shouldn't put out music have no valid justification to inhibit them, regardless of their criticisms. However, we have a right as moral agents to sequester those who look
  7. Hello. :) And I'm glad to hear that. That's the way it should be. And that's fair enough. I do think it's another generic song in some ways but it has nothing to do with Rihanna. She was a lot better than I thought she would be. The lyrics and melody just aren't there for me. I can definitely see that. And it's not that I'm taking their opinions to heart. I'll speak to more to that in a moment. And nothing wrong with that. Always good to be an individual! Okay. Just wondering. And thanks [: I appreciate your suggestion and you may be right. But it's not the opinion tha
  8. I'm wondering because I haven't been on the site generally for almost a year now due to the prevalent and overwhelming nihilist attitudes. It would ruin my moods to the point I just couldn't come on and post anymore. I understand the right to criticize music, even if you're a fan of the band, but it went way past that. It was made out to be a sin to put out MX, almost like it should be illegal to make such music. I agree that Paradise and Princess of China (of Coldplay's fault not Rihanna's) are definitely subpar but people were letting it mire all the good work they had ever put out. When
  9. R1: Square One R2: In My Place R3: Lost! R4: The Scientist R5: Clocks R6: Yes R7: Viva la Vida R8: Warning Sign R9: Strawberry Swing R10: Everything's Not Lost R11: Amsterdam R12: Moving to Mars R13: Crests of Waves Parachutes: 1 ARoBttH : 6 X&Y: 1 VlVoDaAHF: 4 MX: 1 I don't think it's hard to see what my two favorite albums are. lol
  10. It is devoid of hip-hop elements, but in other ways it does. All of the songs i hear are built on heavy synth-sounds and that's exactly what this song is like. And they have a featured popular artist, which is also very common in the mainstream today. And it's as if there's no guitar sounds and a very noticeable bass. Again- common sir.
  11. Pop or not, the two songs do sound different. Charlie brown is a guitar-laden pop song with creative and unique lyrics. Princess of China is a synth-heavy pop song with semi-generic lyrics. The former sounds like something you'd hear on the charts in the late 90's-early 00's, the latter something you'd hear today. Of course PoC is going to do better; as if that's a surprise. It sounds like every single other song on the radio. That's so hard to accomplish...
  12. How is there not more for Us Against the World? It's the most lyrically impressive thing they've done since Viva la Vida, if not the Scientist and Clocks. As long as Paradise isn't the one most voted for.
  13. 1. Us Against the World 2. Up with the Birds 3. Don't Let it Break Your Heart
  14. I was going to do my own but I went through and saw yours exactly matched mine. :D 9-2 ARoBttH! I really like this thread. It's interesting to see everyone's opinion and nice how they both (technically and really) have the same number of songs.
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