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  1. Speaking of Moving to Mars, I could definitey say that the guitar riff is inspired on the guitar riff that Jonny plays there!
  2. I'm still a bit afraid that they are going too "pop-electronic" given that Max Martin produced the record..was hoping for more stuff like All I Can Think About is You..so, I decided to not get too psyched about the album and hopefully be surprised by it, instead, haha!
  3. 10min long probably means there's a hidden track inside Coloratura, like when Life is for Living was at the end of Everything's Not Lost
  4. Ohh, I see. Well, I've been to the MSG and the Sprint Center, in Kansas City, and both of those concerts (Blink 182 & Radiohead) had a GA standing, so that's why I was kinda upset :/ But thanks a lot for the info!
  5. and also, Coldplay should take the stage around 9 00 PM Vancouver time, so they must be starting the gig right about now..
  6. there is this setlist posted on setlist.fm, but I think it's fake, specially because it was created on the wrong date.. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2012/rogers-arena-vancouver-bc-canada-3bde6480.html
  7. that was my fear..I can't understand why they have designated seats if this is the kind of show you want to bounce and jump as much and as freely as possible! I just wanted to know because I won't have to queue that much long before the concert starts, and since I'm not from Portland, I can actually get to know the city a little bit better
  8. Hello there! I have tickets for the Portland concert next week, and I was just wondering if the two gigs so far (in Canada) had seats on the main floor or everybody was just on their feet, as usual? I'm asking this because my tickets indicate a specific row / seat number, which would suck, basically.. Thanks a lot!
  9. I know that only 2 gigs in this Mylo Xylotour can't give us an idea about the setlist until the end of this leg of the tour, but I think that they're saving the REAL new setlist (including more songs from MX) for 2012.. I don't know, it feels like they're just warming up until the real tour begins..
  10. I can even imagine the crowd going absolutely bonkers during the instrument-bashing beginning of DLIBYH..
  11. I believe that they're people who had pre-ordered / bought the ''normal'' version of the album, not the pop up..
  12. that's kinda what we're trying to figure out..
  13. I wish they had given us more info on how / when we would receive the download link itself, because it's brutal to wait for something that you're not exaclty sure when it will actually happen..
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