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  1. Hey! I honestly thought I repiled to you a long time ago, but I guess not! :shocked2: Sorry about that. :shame: So how've you been? :) And OMG, I'm so excited right now because my Muse concert is just 3 months away!! :bliss: I'm just seriously TOO excited!! :D :D And yay! I LOVE Panic Station, as well. It's basically impossible for me not to both sing and dance to it every time I hear it. :dance: :lol: As for my favourite tracks, I especially adore Explorers...and I also find Supremacy extraordinarily amazing, but I honestly just love every track!! :wacky: So how was your Christmas? Great, I hope! :nice: And I'm wishing you a very happy new year, as well! :)

  2. Aww darn, sorry to hear that! :( I have the same problem - my parents don't like them enough to buy tickets and I can't go alone...so I know how you feel :( And I know he did get injured, it's such a shame! But at least you didn't miss it, yes! I'm not all that upset about not seeing Muse though...Coldplay is coming back to where I live for a New Years concert! So that makes up for it :) Oh and I'm from the U.S. East Coast :)

  3. They were going to do a gig in Stockholm the 6th of December, but I didn't have anyone to go with. Most of my friends doesn't like Muse and the one that actually do like them couldn't get permission from her parents. So I didn't have any tickets and even though I wanted to go alone I knew that it problably wouldn't be that safe since I don't even live in Stockholm and the trains doesn't go to my city after midnight... I was completely heartbroken ofcourse :( But then Matt got injured and they cancelled all their gigs in Scandinavia, so I didn't miss anything atleast! I still feel sorry about the people who had tickets, though! :( Are you going to see them live? Where are you from, btw? :)

  4. Yes I completely agree!! I'm not sure if I've already asked you, but are you going to see Muse live?

  5. It's okay, I haven't been on here for ages either! I love The 2nd law too! It's different from their other stuff, but in a good way. Panic station and Supremacy is my favourites and I love Liquid state, because Chris singing is just... akjoitjesoigjesoig :P *fangirling*

  6. Oh my gosh I am SO sorry for taking soo long to reply!! But anyways, yeah I sure hope those people who didn't know the songs at the concert went and listened to them afterwards! And yes I have listened to the 2nd Law - I actually got it a few days ago on CD (a month late I know but oh well) and I love it! How do you like it?

  7. It's fine, don't worry :P ! Wow, it's really cool that you think that! Like I said, just ask if it's anything you're wondering about! Oh that's great, I'm so happy for you :D ! And March isn't that far away! Your mom is so sweet for doing that! Is it a long drive ^_^ ? I've been listening to the 2nd law non-stop! I think it's different from their old stuff (I expected that though) but good! I'm totally in love with Supremacy and The 2nd law: Isolated system but the one I love the most is PANIC STATION, no doubt! That one must be amazing live ! What's your favourite tracks :) ?

  8. JA!! Kommer bli underbart, can't wait :D ! Xylobandsen Àr verkligen en cool effekt, mÄ man sÀga :P ! En Coldplaykonsert Àr ÀndÄ en Coldplaykonsert, sÄ kan förstÄ att det var amazing Àven fast du inte hade stÄplats! För mig var Stockholm stadion min första konsert nÄgonsin, men jag kommer nog fortsÀtta med stÄplats Àven om jag inte testat sittplats. Kan tÀnka mig att det inte Àr samma kÀnsla pÄ sittplats! HÄller med, Coldplay var helt klart rÀtt band att fÄ Àran att avsluta Paralympics, och dom gjorde det grymt sÄklart! Jag vill ocksÄ höra trawberry Swing lie, hÄller tummarna inför nÀsta turné helt enkelt! :3

  9. Åh, jaha! Verkade grymt i Köpenhamn, hade gĂ€rna varit dĂ€r ocksĂ„! :)

  10. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry for such a late reply!! And yes, I am learning Swedish. The fact that so few people try to learn it is what inspired me to. I think it's a really cool language. And thank you for offering to help me!! If I ever have any questions, I'll be happy to know I can ask you!! :nice: OMG I'm so beyond words happy right now because even though Muse has yet to announce any tour dates very near me, my mom has agreed to drive with me to their Tulsa Oklahoma show in March 2013!!!!!!!! It has long been a dream of mine to see Muse, and I just simply cannot express in words how much it means to me that I'm going to get to see them!! :bliss: Oh and now that The 2nd Law is out, what do you think of it? :wacky: I picked up my copy of it the moment it hit stores. :D I'm totally in love with the album. :heart: :loveshower:

  11. Nej, var dock i Köpenhamn eftersom det Àr nÀrmre skÄne ;) Lyssnade pÄ Stockholms spelningen via datorn dock ;)

  12. Har du sett trailern för filmen??? OMG!!!!!! <333333 Mitt hjĂ€rta! Sista scenen nĂ€r man fĂ„r se Chris och alla Xylobands... oh my gosh! Jag kommer nog inte överleva filmen, haha xD Det var verkligen helt otrolligt, och staden Ă€r helt underbar! Jag ska tillbaka nĂ€sta Ă„r och lĂ€ngtar som bara den! O2-konserten var heeeeelt planerad sĂ„ vi var vĂ€ldigt sent ute med biljetter - vi hade sittplatser ganska högt upp, men Ă€ndĂ„ med scenen mitt framför, om du förstĂ„r. Och upplevelsen var EPIC Ă€ndĂ„. Men efter Stockholm insĂ„g jag att det ska vara stĂ„plats - det Ă€r SÅ mycket bĂ€ttre nĂ€r man kan hoppa och fĂ„ ta del av konfettin och allt... sen att vara nĂ„gra meter ifrĂ„n bandet Ă€r inte dĂ„ligt det heller, haha :D Jag drömmer om att fĂ„ höra Strawberry Swing live.. ÄLSKAR den! Och det var sĂ„ himla fint nĂ€r Chris satt dĂ€r pĂ„ golvet <3 De kunde inte ha valt ett bĂ€ttre band att avsluta Paralympics med!

  13. Yes, it'll be tough waiting for another concert but it'll be worth it ofcourse :) Ofcourse, I don't mean to whine or anything! I feel like the happiest and luckiest person ever to get tickets, alot of my friends weren't able to get their hands on any :( Yep, and I think it's a shame that they haven't even listened to the older songs. One can only hope that they listened to them after the concert, because like you said, I think there were bigger fans that should've been at the front. Have you listened to the 2nd law yet? Couldn't resist when I saw it on Tumblr...

  14. Ja visst Àr det det! Var du pÄ Stockholm Stadion spelningen? :)

  15. Haha, well that's a good way to look at that I suppose! Me neither....the hardest part is always waiting in between albums and concerts!! Wow - 2015! That's what I would expect anyway, like 3 years or so. So hard to wait..... Yes, singing along was so incredible and emotional! You're finally sitting and singing along with people who love the same band as you - it's great :D Thanks!! YES I was so psyched and crying my eyes out!! Aww Strawberry Swing would have been amazing, but I wouldn't be too upset - at least you got to see them at all! :) I agree - I tend to go for their non-popular ones too, but I think it's kind of special that they're almost exclusive - only something you'll hear as the recording, but open to imagination as to what it would sound like live :) WOW they didn't know Speed of Sound?!!? I would've gotten angry too! Especially sitting in the FRONT ROW, give someone a chance who is a bigger fan!

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