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  1. ok so im planning on buying a synth like guy plays. um what synth do they use. also i would like to know more about them. i know that you have to get sounds and stuff. but i dont know how it works. any websites. cause im dying to know. can they connect to an ipad or something?
  2. amsterdam live in chicago was one of the beautilful moments eve. the lights stopped the screeen went black and white and the crowd remained quiet. beauty
  3. i play piano i took classical for a year and have been learning by ear for 1 year so together ive been playing for 2 years. I just dont know what theory is. will it help me improove by ear. and is it the same for guitar. can i learn from like books as well. my goal is to be good in guitar and piano.
  4. me too bilbao is a great team but falcao is just too much of a beast!
  5. lol hes great but bit over rated i dont see the point of man city needing him hes just gonna be like na$ri and play for 45 mins
  6. ^yes it would be sick to hear it if they make an ep for MX and hopefully make it sound like classic coldplay
  7. also when johny plays the quitar in the chorus its just amazing it melts me
  8. Prospekt's March/Poppyfields. the ending riff is just amazing ^ im also in love with the trubute as well sounded like classic coldplay
  9. hey guys do you know the website footytube? if not check it out there is a great football community over there you shoud check it out there are forums fantasy everything you can think of highlights too!
  10. theory i play piano but never took theory what is it was is the concept i can play by ear a nd learn a song really quick i jusst dont know what theory is
  11. i think its an outro because with postcards from far away. the song comepletly changed. it changed key and it was a different melody/rythm. the ending to a warning sign is the same key and everything. you can tell that its a warning sign. its just an outro i think
  12. i want to start collecting. im only 16 and im broke how did you guys start?
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