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  1. I'm really curious to see what the clip will be like! Looks like they were shooting a real movie or so! It's just a shame that the other guys are not in it! =( Thanks for posting the video, Wisna! =)
  2. Hello Dear :) I am Malaika your Secret Santa Match, I am sorry it took me so long to write to you, I was sick and only got your card 2 days ago, Thank You from the bottom of my Heart you're an Angel, your card is the most beautiful kindest sweetest I've ever received. I have sent pictures of your card and a little Thank you message from my little family to Lore to post on the forum because I don't know how to do it :) Thanks Dear, God bless your Heart. She gave me your mailing address too so soon you'll get a card in the mail from me :) One Love :)

  3. Was checking back through pages and I love all those cards and gifts you received!!! I still haven't received mine and I don't know if my match received mine as well.... Maybe I was not soo good this year to get secret santa card LOL I'll wait and see
  4. I was offline for a few days and look what happened!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  5. Hi, Could you please confirm you have recieved your Secret Santa match up details? Thank you :elf:

  6. oh my, yes me too!!!!! :dance: yaaay!
  7. Ah thanks alot Lore (and NumbersGirl as well) for the reply! Just gonna trust you on it hihi I start to get excited about this all!!! hehe! Can't wait for Christmas now and this morning was already thinking where my Santa gonna be and what I'll do myself for my match, hehe, so funny! Thanks to you and Allison for organising this all!
  8. Just sent my PM! Hope it's gonna be safe and no freaks around O_O I'm 21, old enough to decide, but I don't want troubles with my parents (since I can't receive mail to my student flat, I can receive letters and stuff just at my family address!). I do believe there are just nice people on here. Btw, should we sign the card with our name but also Coldplaying name? So that people can then find us on here easily and maybe we can try to get in touch and be friends and so on?
  9. After following the whole "coldplay playing on the moon" discussion, now I'm thinking bout it... How funny would be... Although Roadie #43 said Will is an alien, then maybe he'd like to play better on Mars or something, to feel home LOL ...wondering what Guy smells like..what kind of perfume he uses...bet he smells greeeeeeeat!!!! :dance: (having a fangirl moment I know) LOL
  10. This can be such an interesting idea and can bring us fans together in a funny way! Yes!
  11. Wow you were so lucky girls! few weeks ago I spent with my friend like 2 hours walking around, then having some time sitting somewhere, then the rain caught us, then the sun was out, and we were just there waiting and all... and we haven't seen anyone :( that's bad luck for sure! happy for u
  12. Finally this day is here......... Happy Birthday Jonny Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks Vanessa! I'll unfollow and follow them again through that link then! Hope it'll work fine then
  14. I got exactly the same problem! cant figure out why! Any ideas??? But thaks Brooke for posting everything!
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