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  1. This will be long so skip to the next post, unless you want to get bored! Ok, so I’ll first say this album takes a few listens to get your head around. On first listen I was struggling to ‘get’ it. So I’ve given it a few spins before putting my thoughts down. Reading what people’s opinion of it so far confirm my suspicions after my first listen. This album will divide opinion. I’ve read a lot about OldPlay & NewPlay. The simple fact is, this is what the band sound like now. The signs have been there for a few albums now, but you can definitely call this a “Pop” album pure & simple.
  2. Cheers for that guys. I'll give block 130 a go en route to Manchester at the moment!!!!
  3. Quick question. Will there be any unreserved seating for general admission like there was when they did wembley stadium?
  4. This is a joke right? People are taking what is printed in that rag seriously. I love how at the first sign of something they don't agree with some people on here are so easy to turn their back on the band. Nobody's seen the video so let's reserve judgement until its released. Something tells me it's not as clear cut as that "article" is making it sound!
  5. I picked up a couple yesterday afternoon, because I'm staying in London for the weekend because of the gig on the 9th. I was put off this one originally because of the price of the tickets and it wasn't clear what you were getting. But on the off chance I had a look yesterday and saw the £29 tickets so decided to go for it when I saw they were doing an hour and I like Steve Coogan and my gf likes Tine Tempah so hopefully it should be a good night. I expect most of the tickets to go now after the apperance on the One Show last night. They must have been struggling to shift them I guess if t
  6. From what I remember when I saw them at the NIA in Birmingham on the last tour, it was all seater but everyone on the floor seats stood up anyway. Saying that When I saw them at Wembley Stadium the following summer the same thing happened when I was sat up in the gods. So if you want to stand that badly the floor would be the place to go, but if its all seating I get the feeling a lot of the floor seats would be the most expensive because of the view you would get (unless there's someone with 'big hair' in front.
  7. My view Well I like it, not the best song they've ever released but I like it. I respect the fact they've tried something a little different from their norm. If you feel they have betrayed you or the song sounds to commercial (which I find a bit of a pointless accusation because they have been pretty commercial. They have never been a niche band), then don't listen to the song, wait for the album. If you don't like that then its not a horrible thing, calm down they are only a band and they have plenty of songs that you like that you can listen to. I just think some people need to cal
  8. UPDATE: 1ST DECEMBER 2010: Coldplay - Christmas Lights, full video... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1rYmzQ8C9Q&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Coldplay - Christmas Lights[/ame] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: 29th NOVEMBER 2010: Coldplay - Christmas Lights, Making Of... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAqCTnV69OY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Making Coldplay's Christmas Lights video[/ame] -----------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I think i can see the top of my head but i may be just out of the pic but that was about the eyeline i had to the stage!
  10. It sounded amazing it sounded like they have been playing it all along!
  11. they played talk instead of low yesterday
  12. does anyone know a fix to the problem with rapidshare when you are on a LAN? I tried the cheat where i flush my dns. That doesn't work. Does anyone else have any sugesstions because i don't want to keep annoying people to host files on other sites. Any sugestions?
  13. Miggy I was writing a post just like yours just now then i realised that i couldnt put it any better than you have you've "Hit the nail on the head". You feel the same way about this that i do - Best post i've read in a very long time!
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