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  1. Playing vinyl records takes effort. The quality of the record you what to play matters. The quality of your turntable , stylus , speakers will also matter. You can have a great setup, but a terrible pressing of a record or a cd / digital sourced pressing isn’t going to sound amazing. for me I do enjoy the work that it takes to listen to something. I have many great memories looking at records , pulling out the inserts from cassettes and cds. Vinyl has obviously been making a come back these last 10 years but with streaming services for movies and music , and physical media
  2. in for both vinyl versions heres hoping that Brian Eno comes back for volume 2
  3. All these planets could be a potential disaster for my wallet with the merch possibilities. EL had the gold and silver vinyl, hopefully MOTS doesn’t get 7 vinyl variants 🙃
  4. I have paid close attention to this album cycle and press interviews, but when Chris mentioned handwritten note anyone else consider this being their last? I am not getting that sense in regards to anything else, but am getting that feeling from a few years back. that would be terrible timing to announce (upon an upcoming release ), but now I'm a smidge paranoid. why Chris, why now the personal effects of a handwritten note!?
  5. Update now on Apple Music in Dolby
  6. Now that dolby atmos is on Apple Music , really surprised everyday life wasn’t a day 1 release given this official Dolby video ….
  7. I like Coldplay trying new things but have never really been wild about their features. I prefer their features to be on an ep instead of a full release. I don’t get BTS and I’m happy for anyone who is happy. was just hopefully it would be like a one off like chain smokers thing.
  8. Yeah there are a couple threads on Reddit (one of which is the Coldplay subreddit) and most don’t think it’s Coldplay but possibly video game related. I don’t have anything shipped to work with the exception of the HP cd. That’s what isn’t adding up. I want to believe though haha.
  9. The style of art work doesn’t seem to match. I kept the post cards just in case it pans out to be Coldplay. Very random that it showed up at work.
  10. I just got two diff post cards at work today. The only interesting thing about this is I had the higher power cd shipped here. I have never order anything from I am 8 bit. Strange.
  11. It’s a slower chill version of HP. Quality is meh and doesn’t hit the chorus. Can hear guitar picking. I’m for it.
  12. I like the slower version clip on alien radio. I’d be down for this release.
  13. Anyone get shipping notification for cd single ?
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