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  1. I heard Miracles on the radio yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised cause I haven't heard this song in a while.
  2. This is so heartbreaking and now that we found out the cause of his death everything is even more tragic. I hope Tim found his peace.
  3. A masterpiece and my favourite Coldplay album :heart:
  4. Both, but like really small bags. I only had a phone with me so I'm not sure about the cameras, but I heard that it shouldn't be the problem with the small ones.
  5. The whole concert was amazing, but my highlights were definitely, as you guys have already mentioned it, the soundcheck and Chris forgetting the lyrics (I just love that kind of spontanous happening). I also hoped that they were gonna play some of the soundcheck songs, but then they unfortunately added POC (I really don't like this song). I've seen many Coldplay shows (not live though, this was my second gig) but I was blown away by the Chris's energy and charisma and the amazingness of the whole band! :heart_eyes: As for the security, they were strict (just small bags, fanny packs, no wate
  6. Happy Birthday Mr Berryman! :heart::party:
  7. True. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it and it's still one of my favourite Keane song
  8. I had another Coldplay concert dream (about my forthcoming gig in June) last night and I also dreamt that I hugged Chris and he smelled so nice:heart: I am just so excited about this concert :D
  9. I love the new version of Everglow
  10. Guy at La Petite Venise in Colmar, France - October 5, 2016 (from Keshia's instagram) Guy with fans in Italy - October 19
  11. I had such a wonderful Coldplay dream last night. I dreamt that I was at the Global Citizen festival in New York and I somehow sneaked into the backstage and there I met Chris. I hugged him and that was the most wonderful hug ever, he was so warm and soft and strong and so sweet :dazzled: I can't remeber if I talked to him but I do remeber that warm hug and I also took a photo with him. I'm not surprised about this dream because lately I've been thinking about Coldplay a lot, because I'm finally going to their concert next year, after so many years and that makes me incredibily happy :awes
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