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  1. 1.chris 2. Caleb followill 3.Taylor swift 4. Jonny 5.will 6.Guy 7.ben howard
  2. Hi guys, I'm coming to the show tonight . Getting train from Amsterdam at 12 so should be in cologne at 3. What's the best way to get to the stadium from there. And what does my tickets mean, block N6 Stehplatz ? I know they are lower tier but not sure what/where . Thanks ! X
  3. Tom.

    Thanks for your message, hadn't noticed your message until now:\ I'm from Hong Kong and my favourite album is Parachutes:D What about you? :)

  4. Guys does anyone know if there is a golden circle for this show?! As at the shows in Madrid and Porto I read that there were and people got GC tickets. I haven't seen any advertised anywhere so I'm Hoping not !! As golden circle suckkssss Xxx So excitedddddd
  5. izzym

    hiyaaa, thats alrightttt. Where you from. and whats your fave coldplay album? xx

  6. Tom.

    Hey, thanks for the friend invitation!

  7. OMG you are so lucky to have seen them so many times and to have been able to actually meet Chris and Jonny!! That would just be such a dream come true!! What question did you get to ask them? :D Oh, and I'll be seeing them for my first time this year on June 22nd...I've never been so excited about anything!! :D

  8. ETIAW, lovers in Japan, AROBTH, see you soon, sparks, UWTB, HLh. Glass of water Too too many amazing songs to select. I literally don't not like one song ! Xx

  9. That's wickedd. I saw Keane a couple Of years ago and they were awesome! Also nearly ran over the lead singer of Keane with my Mum as they lived locally. Lolzzz Have you ever listened to Ben Howard or Benjamin Francis leftwich ? If not I highly recommend them ! Xx

  10. Yeah I've seen them a few times now! Saw them twice on the VLV tour. Then saw them play Christmas lights at the BBC tv studios. Then I met Chris and Jonny at a radio interview at absolute radio( freaking best day of my Life, got to ask them a question !!) then I saw Chris and Jonny play a charity gig in a church ! Then saw them on the MX tour and I am going again in June!! What about you ? Xx

  11. Yes, those two are awesome! :D Have you ever seen CP live?

  12. i dont know its so hard to choose. i love AROBTTH loadss and VLV also. too many great songs.!!x

  13. I like a lot of music, but notable artists are Laura Marling, Keane, Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, and recently ive been getting into jay z and kanye west

  14. Oh cool :) , It's so difficult to choose a favourite album, but I'd say MX or X&Y. Favourite song, umm... Probably In my place, every teardrop is a waterfall and speed of sound are the best for me :D what are your favourites?

  15. Kk cool man , I'm. Izzy and I'm from Sussex in englannddddd also. Whats your fave album and songs etc ? Xoxo

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