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  1. I dream of this happening one day, I really do
  2. 1) Us Against The World 2) MX/Hurts Like Heaven 3) AHT/ Don't Let It Break Your Heart 4) Charlie Brown 5) Up With The Birds
  3. Are they playing Princess of China at the Grammy's? Sorry if it's a stupid question. :(
  4. 42 81 Cemeteries of London 35 Clocks 87 Daylight 87 Death and All His Friends 94 Don't Panic 70 Fix You 38 Lovers in Japan 67 Politik 101 The Scientist 48 Shiver 104 Trouble 9 Viva la Vida 75 Violet Hill 82
  5. Mylo Xyloto was great imo. A few points ; HLH. CB. UATW. DLIBY, UWTB are some of Coldplay's best songs. ETIAW is a great single and can always cheer you up. Paradise was good until it became too overplayed on the radio. The interludes are great particularly MX and AHT. Major Minus is boring and I'm not too big a fan of UFO. I still wish they could of made an atmospheric album like Viva la Vida again though. In fact I wouldn't of minded if they called the album Viva la Vida 2 :P MX is my 4th favourite album ahead of Parachutes, but I think that's more due to the fact that Coldplay have set such a high standard for themselves, meaning a really good album like MX is still their 4th best album!
  6. Hurts Like Heaven 9 Paradise 4 Charlie Brown 5 Us Against the World 8 ETIAW 6 Major Minus 6 UFO 2 DLIBYH 5 Up with the Birds 10[
  7. Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends 19 A Rush Of Blood To The Head 31
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