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  1. The race, first single, Moonlight, the 2nd, MOTS the third and the 4th, Infinity. Rescue ST and Silent Radio as promo singles.
  2. EVERYDAY LIFE video is the only video that does not have the WMG logo, Cry Cry Cry and COTW have it back on them. They removed them shortly after the videos got released. But the rest of the lyric videos dont have the WMG logo.
  3. https://www.iheart.com/content/2020-05-14-coldplay-mourns-the-loss-of-crew-member-ben-farrey/ this is sad.
  4. All I Can Think About Is You vs Trouble In Town
  5. A Sky Full Of Stars vs Champion Of The World
  6. Life In Technicolor vs Always In My Head
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