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  1. Pretty sure it’s not related to the number of shows. Or mine got lost in the mail
  2. No worries, I knew you would see it . So many people keep asking for stuff and won’t just take ‘wait’ for an answer.
  3. Stephen Is very reliable! And he has seen the full video and it’s pretty funny. Let’s all be respectful towards the band. They have a plan for how they want everything released. I’ll post the full video in some time.
  4. I agree. But it’s still not too bad in the grand scheme of things. And the album is just over a month away.
  5. We’ll probably have to stay on The edge for another week, unfortunately. I think I know who you are, but don’t recognize your username on here.
  6. No, I’ve mentioned on discord it’s a British/Egyptian singer. I’d rather not use her name because then I’ll get even more messages asking about her. It’s an endless loop lol.
  7. I told everyone that’s the artist I kept getting messages about and not Coldplay. I got so many DMs about her today. I would never post anything that’s not supposed to be public. I’m waiting around too.
  8. I remember you coming up to me after that show. It was nice meeting you, but we didn’t chat for more than a moment, and I was on my way. From Indiana was it? You didn’t have anything bad to say in the follow up message after
  9. I posted a reply about going to a concert with a friend to the wrong discord today and quickly deleted my message and cleared it up. No one believed it was an accident and I received hundreds of messages throughout the day about a random artist my friend listens to. So I finally gave in and posted her song to my story. Now as for what my friend posted, she actually got to hear a snippet, but not the entire album.
  10. Is this really Jimmy Dean? Of the Jimmy Dean breakfast food empire? Big Fan.

  11. JimmyD

    Help needed!

    People keep asking me about this, but until now I had no idea what they were talking about. I really think this is just a prank on me. I don't think the signatures have been tampered with.
  12. JimmyD

    Help needed!

    This thread actually explains so much. Not sure if I'm upset or entertained.
  13. Levi Strauss, same as the pants, but they aren't making more of those shirts anymore. All store bought.
  14. Hey man, I'm your biggest fan. Wanna go to the show in Chicago with me?

  15. Hello there jimmy...! It was nice to meet you yesterday at the Levi's Stadium...! Coldplay delivered as always...! Oh, and Rese did contact me, and I have already replied. :) I didn't see his message until I got home this early morning. It's always a pleasure meeting fellow Coldplay enthusiasts...! Keep in touch!!

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