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  1. My final comment, I can’t even be bothered to remember the “gospel” song on the last album, or the “gospely” song on the latest album, featuring 2 other artists. Totally forgettable and skippable. If I wanted to listen to gospel music, I’d listen to the crème de la crème gospel music, the masterpieces of that genre, not Chris’ wacky idea that results in a far below average song slotted into a disjointed bizarre album. Surely Jonny, Guy and Will just say, “eff it, ok Chris, we’re loaded anyway”? Phil’s just there for the ride.
  2. For me Coloratura isn’t objectively bad, but it just seems like a not as good Moving To Mars. It would sound good in the background of a movie. The song with BTS is probably the best on the album for me, astoundingly.
  3. They’ve also gone way overboard with filling albums with less than a minute filler tracks. Life in Technicolour and Mylo Xyloto for example it worked, now it’s just disappointment.
  4. I agree with most of what you said. Although I disagree with Everyday Life. I’ve just looked at my recent posts from the end of 2019, and apparently I was singing it’s praises, but I’ve not listened to a single song from it since. For me VLV was the best, utterly incredible and will go down as my favourite album for ever, MX was a bit meh, you could see the beginning of the end, but there’s some great songs on there. But then plot twist, they pulled it out of the bag with Ghost Stories. It’s just been mediocrity at best since then for me. I loved everything that went before. The song
  5. I don’t care if it’s different. It’s just that they’re not very good songs.
  6. Old Coldplayer checking in, well not an old person, but a fan from the 00s. What has happened to this band? It’s just awful. How can a band go from writing such masterpieces on another level to this utter rubbish? It’s like Chris Martin has gone fully loopy and they all just go along with his insane ideas. So depressing because they were so good, Chris and the band were genius, now it’s just embarrassingly bad.
  7. First of, the last album was dreadful. It made me realise we’d never truly get the old Coldplay back we all fell in love with. But this album really ain’t bad you know? I like it, it’s good. It doesn’t reach the levels of old Coldplay but I’m really pleased with it, enjoying it. Best songs: Orphans, Church (this is Chris in his element, singing about fancying girls, that’s when he pulls the special stuff out), Daddy (hated the snippet they released, thought it was cringe, I was very wrong), Eko, Trouble In Town, Old Friends (hello Parachutes) and finally Champion Of The World (encapsulates the
  8. It’s a nice song, it’s got that happy unique Coldplay sound that I love. But you can see why it’s just a Japan bonus track, it’s not that good, I also don’t think it would fit in the album, Everyay Life works as it is. It would also make the album an odd number of songs. The song will be easily accessible soon enough for us to enjoy as a seperate thing.
  9. Hi everyone, I’ve not posted on this site for years but used to be a regular visitor. Great to see it still so busy. Could someone please point me in the direction of where people are hearing the new songs early? I can’t wait til Friday, got a good feeling about this album after the last one left me down.
  10. Best gig I've ever been too, unbelievably brilliant, the crowd was amazing. I don't know how I'm getting to sleep tonight.
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