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  1. Is it just me or was the sax solo on Arabesque quite messy?
  2. First of, the last album was dreadful. It made me realise we’d never truly get the old Coldplay back we all fell in love with. But this album really ain’t bad you know? I like it, it’s good. It doesn’t reach the levels of old Coldplay but I’m really pleased with it, enjoying it. Best songs: Orphans, Church (this is Chris in his element, singing about fancying girls, that’s when he pulls the special stuff out), Daddy (hated the snippet they released, thought it was cringe, I was very wrong), Eko, Trouble In Town, Old Friends (hello Parachutes) and finally Champion Of The World (encapsulates the full band performance I love, great tune). Don’t like BrokEn at all. But considering I didn’t like loads of AHFOD (first time disliking Coldplay songs), that’s alright, we’re back on track. That’s my review.
  3. It’s a nice song, it’s got that happy unique Coldplay sound that I love. But you can see why it’s just a Japan bonus track, it’s not that good, I also don’t think it would fit in the album, Everyay Life works as it is. It would also make the album an odd number of songs. The song will be easily accessible soon enough for us to enjoy as a seperate thing.
  4. Hi everyone, I’ve not posted on this site for years but used to be a regular visitor. Great to see it still so busy. Could someone please point me in the direction of where people are hearing the new songs early? I can’t wait til Friday, got a good feeling about this album after the last one left me down.
  5. Best gig I've ever been too, unbelievably brilliant, the crowd was amazing. I don't know how I'm getting to sleep tonight.
  6. Thought I'd come back to post a few of my thoughts on this album after listening again tonight... Not sure what the common opinion is of Coldplayers, but this album honestly sucks. I'm their biggest fan, and I still am, but I can't defend AHFOD. Everglow and HFTW are the 2 worst songs they have released, and I genuinely can't believe they did release them. they are hideous songs! I suppose the success gets to everyone eventually, feels like they've really sold out this time, I loved all their other work. Birds and Amazing Day are the only parts I like. It's a shame because Coldplay are in my opinion the greatest music act ever, by far.
  7. JackColdplay


    This song is actually terrible, it's the first piece of music Coldplay have released that I genuinely dislike.
  8. JackColdplay


    Anyone got a youtube link for this performance?
  9. Are the 4 kids on the artwork of this song the members of Coldplay when they were younger? Kind of looks like a possibility. First post on here in years, Coldplay are back with a bang!
  10. Thanks, goes quite nice really with my humble pie
  11. Btw, this song is actually pretty good, very eery, it's cool. Imagine Jonny's old style long haunting guitar notes over it, Guy's sparse spread out bass notes, and tingling cymbal and snare from Will. I can see this being the kind of route Coldplay take, less production then last 2 albums, still a little production and electronic type thingys though. Wow, getting ahead of myself there.
  12. That's Chris singing, I'm sure. Also sounds like his piano playing. I'm fairly confident it's Chris singing, sounds like him and has a lot of his traits. 1:20 - 1:40, if that's not Chris I will eat my foot. Struggling to see how people could not think this is Chris, just people are sceptical. Doesn't mean we know it's new, it could be really old. Can't see this song being on the album, imagine it to be released like a Moving To Mars type track if they ever do/it's real/it's not 6 years old.
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