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  1. I think they teased Cry Cry Cry as well?
  2. eddmen


    Welcome! I was eight too... but in Parachutes era LOL. Nice to have you here!
  3. Arabesque vs Chinese Sleep Chant
  4. eddmen


    Hola! México siempre presente en cualquier lado jajaja. Welcome aboard!
  5. eddmen


    Welcome aboard! And I can image you are doing a great job with your kids getting them into Coldplay :D
  6. Hi and welcome! Your parents have an excellent music taste!
  7. Cool video! Kind of reminds me to LiJ and SFoS. The acoustic clips are a really nice touch. And I have to say that the acoustic version sounds amazing. For I moment I thought: that's the version they should've released... But then the original song began with Guy's bass and it was completely different. It was like an internal comparison and even though I love the acoustic one (at least the short clip) now it makes sense to me why they decided to include the version we know instead of the acoustic. I'm liking more Orphans on each repeat and I believe it will continue growing until the repeat
  8. So far I see the explicit version only
  9. And what a jam! This proves Coldplay is not only Chris... Oh those beautiful bastards :relieved:
  10. Chris mentioned this on today's interview
  11. I can't believe it happened! A new era has come! I think each song introduce on its own Sunrise/Sunset and it gives an idea on what to expect for the rest of the album. Orphans is a good transition from AHFOD. It feels like taking right the next step and the vibes are pretty cool. Arabesque is the new kid on the block. Using Coldplay brand new sounds. It brings to my mind Chinese Sleep Chant where the lyrics are not the main atraction, but the music kicks it. Now I have a countdown for November 22nd and the anxiety is back LOL
  12. And we did it! We killed coldplay.com
  13. Yeah same here, It took some time to like it :D
  14. One song from each era is a great way to get ready for this :heart:
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