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  1. That was awesome! I really loved it! I mean it is the kind of song that make you start the day with a smile. Now that I've listened it like 100 times I can't take it out of my head. I liked the beat and to me is a song easy to listen and enjoy, got me singing every second haha. There was just a moment on the song during the first and second play where I was ready for a big explosion but it never came, I don't know, that was my perception. But the song is really growing on each repeat. Happy I'm alive at the same time as Coldplay 😁
  2. I already have it in my library but busy watching the transmission hahaha. Enjoy Coldplayers, guys are back!
  3. We should start singing Yellow acapella and wave our hands while we're waiting 🤣
  4. Chris' reaction is like when you want to finish a work meeting during home office lol. And looks like that collab is imminent. And my dear Coldplayers, is ok not liking every Coldplay song or having a lest favorite song... I don't particularly like K-Pop but let's wait and see what they have to offer. And maybe we'll see the guys dancing and following a complex choreography with BTS, just maybe... 🤭
  5. I'm impressed no leak so far... Looks like they hide it in the space 🤔
  6. Little off topic but still related to a tech company haha. Chris had a talk with teachers and students around the world powered by Cisco. We also get an acoustic version of Yellow 😁 https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1389695414723506176?s=20
  7. Really great thread thanks! Long story short: no wars needed, just believe in love
  8. Well, this is good reading while I'm having my coffee and listening to MX... ☕
  9. Tbh I think I will love this new single and the new album even if it follows Higher Power direction. Right now charts are full of catchy songs and I like a bunch of them, I mean, they put you in a good mood and make you sing out loud. Being that the case why not enjoying those kind of songs but from my favorite band! Maybe it won't be a musical 'master piece' but for sure I will freaking enjoy singing it in the car! And I still have old Coldplay songs for those 'Oldplay' days 🤩
  10. Credits to the Coldplayers scientists who managed to crack the codes 😁
  11. Could TBC stand for To Be Confirmed? And Supernova is like a code name? 🤔 Or maybe they got it wrong...
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