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  1. At least Chris did the work and we won't have to guess the last album name πŸ₯Ί
  2. Spotify is fixed as well. May look like something insignificant but it totally changes the experience 😁
  3. I think it will be same style than MOTS vol. 1 (an extension of the album similar to VLVODAAHF and PM EP), unless they decide to release kind of the other side of the moon (it would be great going in a different direction). Now about the release date, probably we'd see it as a tour interlude, don't think they will drop volume 2 before going on tour because there won't be enough time to promote volume 1, but let's see...
  4. I get that, glad you're open to any point of view. I salute you.
  5. For sure Coloratura is the biggest thing the gave us for the past ERAs and I agree about Viva being the las greatest album as a whole. But (and just sharing my point of view, no war intended haha) everything Coldplay does is Coldplay, EL is Coldplay, MOTS is Coldplay, even Ode to Deodorant is Coldplay, they've been evolving to the direction they think is the best. The reality is that we won't like everything they do, but at the end of the day they decide (I want to believe) what to create and how to do it. Personally I loved EL even if is not a conceptual album for the new sounds the
  6. I agree with you, it was well known that this album would be poppy and more for the charts. I think that's why I'm not that disappointed, I see it for what it is. EL is a gem to me but is not the right product for the growing fast disposable consumerism (I think that's why a Social Network with short videos as TikTok is so popular nowadays). The true is that those who control the charts know what sells the best, and Coldplay tried to stay active among new generations. I don't hate new music and styles, that's why I enjoy some poppy songs and is better if they are from Coldplay! Of course every
  7. Also special thanks to the people behind the visuals we have on YouTube for each track that's just a piece of art. Is a different experience watching those along with the music. I hope we get the full video as in Ghost Stories era (I still enjoy watching it every once in a while)
  8. Coloratura still the man who walks around owning the freaking lot... People of the Pride comes next and I'm really surprised by MOTS, great intro and it has those space vibes to me. Also I really liked ♾️, I was hoping to hear some lyrics, but the song is a mood booster to me and is one of my favorites kind-of-instrumental Coldplay's songs (1st place goes to Chinese Sleep Chant). I enjoyed the album, not a 10/10 to me but it has really good stuff in it and we have outstanding material for a world tour.
  9. Mexico here. Looks like it was due to time zone, not sure... The banner on Spotify said Now Available since 10/14 11 PM but the album wasn't there, it was until past midnight... Good thing I'm now playing on repeat.
  10. Ok now this really sucks... In Spotify is not even there yet... And YouTube we have each song individually uploaded so I won't avoid the ads and the pauses between songs... Someone really messed it up...
  11. It makes sense, it is a beautiful song and even when it has Coldplay brand on it, feels like something completely new. But being realistic the average consumer will not show interest on those kind of songs and you can tell it based on the views Coloratura has. The band and the label know it and after all they need to have a profit which I totally understand. And I'm happy they gave us that masterpiece 😁
  12. I rather see it as New Zealanders are time travelers. It helps and also it goes with the well known Back To The Future thematic πŸ€ͺ
  13. Makes sense. Is just that I thought that it would be a worldwide release as in EL. Enjoy yourself dear Coldplayers πŸ₯³
  14. How is that you're listening to it on Spotify? Is not released yet is it?
  15. Haven't listened the album but based on what you're mentioning, MOTS II/III would make more sense and maybe there will have the 'whole' thing... Just an idea.
  16. Reading all your impressions only increases the hype. I have ready my audio system for an eargasm lol. Anyway is it time to start theorizing about MOTS II? πŸ€ͺ
  17. Maybe is to announce that MOTS was a lie to cover the real and big surprise: Higher Power J Balvin Remix and the acoustic remix to complete the Higher Power Infinity Songs...
  18. Apparently world tour is confirmed. This was seen at the WTC in Mexico City https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=7064617426897257&id=114385191920550
  19. Turn the volume up, maybe we'll get to hear something... Greetings from Mx
  20. There is a new mini trailer video on Coldplay's Facebook. It really sounds like Life is Beautiful 😁
  21. I'm not aware of that snippet. Was is a leaked snippet? Or it was published by the band or in a soundcheck or something similar? Just to know if it's ok to ask for the link lol.
  22. Glad they removed it, the temptation is dangerous lol
  23. Yup, seems to be related to MX narrative where we had Sparkers fighting against Major Minus and the Silencers 🀯
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