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  1. Was watching this and I'm not sure, but is that Phil at 1:19? [video=youtube;IwbFp2Igo0I]
  2. I actually didn't really like the fact that MX was based on a story they came up with and all the songs had to fit into that. When I saw the artwork for Magic and GS with the figurative drawings I was afraid they would use some narrative again through the album. But the Zane Lowe interview made it kinda clear that the songs just really came from Chris himself and not from the viewpoint of some comic character. I think the vocal effects are more just an way to enhance the sound and feel of the songs (if that makes any sense) than that they're used from some person-related concept.
  3. Sjef


    the best song (just before midnight) I've heard in full from the album so far, really curious for that Timbaland collab though and just what tone the other songs will have
  4. Yeah, I think the problem is that most songs they've made for this album don't "work" as well in a big stadium as they would do in a more intimate setting. I went to their concert in Ahoy (which has room for 30 000 people) and was very lucky 'cause it sold out in minutes if not seconds. I don't think the price'll be the problem in the end but the fact that a field full of 80 000 people won't react to "Oceans" or "O" the same way a room full of a few hundred/thousand would. And if they really had to please all the fans they would have to be doing intimate show for years.
  5. Madeon, young French producer/DJ, really like 18 years old or something As far as I know he got famous by his supercool "Pop Culture Remix" on YouTube which features a bit of Viva as well I think He's done some solo singles (Icarus, Finale) and worked with Lady Gaga on a song on her last album I think
  6. I really hope the band will collaborate with Kanye one day, both evolved so much since "homecoming" He probably wouldn't fit Coldplay's album but I'd love to hear Chris or the whole band on Kanye's new record.
  7. still don't really like the song, but I have to say it's get stuck in my head
  8. I remember during the Viva-era I was so glad they didn't go down the synth/electro-road like others (for example Keane - Perfect Symmetry) but were doing the complete opposite
  9. https://soundcloud.com/clubcoldplayer2/a-sky-full-of-stars
  10. okay so i dropped in in the last minute of the song, it sounded just as awful as i expected from avicii, is it available in full somewhere already?
  11. thanks for putting all the bits together. to me it sounds like this is gonna be the most polarizing album yet. I really like songs like midnight, o and oceans. another's arms and asfos sound so cringeworthy on the other hand. really curious how the album's gonna turn out.
  12. Okay I heard it several times now and it has grown on me. The music and production are really on spot. The lyrics not so much tbh, I hope they wrote better stuff for the album and this is just quickly done for the movie.
  13. just search on twitter a lot of people are posting it right now
  14. Maybe it'll grow on me, but for now the "carry the world" hook/chorus just feels like an anticlimax to me...
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