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  1. In an interview, Chris said Mylo Xyloto was just a warm up they would do before shows to just "shake things off"
  2. I thought posting it here would get more attention
  3. Hey everybody. Sorry to be random but has anyone found a full length version of the new Maroon 5 single Payphone. I know it comes out tomorrow but I won't be able to get it. Thank you
  4. Hey Coldplayers I have a question. Does anyone know how to get the audio off this site that is streaming the new Train record? http://cdn.shazam.com/brita/train.html Thank you
  5. Look at Wikipedia pic for the single
  6. I know this. But the only time the fan site has tweeted an artwork was only if it was a single.
  7. I can tell the difference my friend. I follow both. Trust me, they did.
  8. Go read their recent tweets. Anyone like the music video idea?
  9. Why Charlie Brown? Coldplaying tweeted the Hurts Like Heaven art but they haven't for any other song. The photos of the video Coldplay are making are all graffiti themed. Hurts Like Heaven is all about graffiti and people rebelling and there are people in the video dancing an all I can think is HLH. It's a great song and I can see it being single worthy. Thoughts?!?!
  10. She "misspelled" Coldplay but the link went to their twitter so it didn't make a difference then.
  11. I was waiting for that! That's my favorite tune off record
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