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  1. The guitar picking in this song is my favourite part of the album. This song is my second favourite after Trouble in Town. Very much like AROBTTH and Parachutes style. Love it,
  2. It's out in Thailand. I guess it's out at midnight depends on where you are.
  3. Dearest leakers, Please leak them during our daytime next time. Thanks From the people of Asia.
  4. Maybe the 8 songs with B/W thumbnails are songs that they choose to perform live along with songs on the new album?
  5. All the people who received the letters are living in the UK. Will they send the letters to somewhere else? Maybe European fans will receive them tomorrow. *Probably Asian fans get nothing :oops:
  6. I also think the letter is a bit odd but from my experience, if anything related to the band come up and it's fake, someone (or the band) will quickly say it's fake. If this is fake, we should have their confirmation by now.
  7. Possibly official announcement will come today or tomorrow. The teaser was posted after the poster were founded around the world. Now fans are starting to received the letters, there should be an announcement soon. But in the end I still think the letter is odd.
  8. Oh, I didn't know it was German TV show. I googled beatclub and this show up. Anyway, it may not be related because it's 60s/70s, way too far from 1919.
  9. "Beatclub" Could it be something like this? https://www.youtube.com/user/myBeatclub/videos
  10. Congrats to you. I also run Coldplay fanpage for my country and I got nothing
  11. Yesterday when I search for Coldplay on YouTube, their video is kinda mixing between eras. I had to scroll down to find all the b/w thumbnail videos. Now all the b/w videos are up first (except violet hill)
  12. From left to right, the instruments are Drum, Saxophone, Banjo, What is Chris holding??, Violin, Accordion and Piano.
  13. I hope they don’t get sued by using color black and gold on the album cover.
  14. That's why I have to get to the venue very early for every show that I got standing tickets. :laughing: Of course they played both songs. They play them every show just like Coldplay have to play Yellow and Viva la Vida every shows or the fans will riot. I'd love to hear them play more songs from the new album but they've got too many great songs from the previous album, so, that's okay. My favourite would be Make This Go On Forever, What If This Storm Ends? and Open Your Eyes. Here are some pics from the show : https://flic.kr/s/aHsm9CJGxH
  15. Yes, I have a standing ticket. I’m really short so I have to be at the front otherwise I’ll be seeing people’s head through the gig. In Leeds doors open at 6.00 pm as well. I arrived at 11.00 am and there’re a few people already here. So, now I’ll just waiting.
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