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  1. lol thanks zzz, i forgot to search. :P
  2. hi everyone, i was wondering between m.m.i.x. and etiaw, on my itunes, mmix ends loud, and etiaw starts quiet, and there seems to be no gapless playback. i ripped this off my mylo cd. any ideas?
  3. exactly. the first part makes the second part what it is
  4. should be the final version. there is a photo that shows clearly the retail packaging and disc.
  5. 1. AROBTTH 2. MX/Parachutes 3. VLV/X+Y in my opinion, arobtth just stands out, and the others on are the same level (very very high :D)
  6. zsub

    i need the album please

  7. lol. uploading now, warning it may ruin ur need for a clean version of the song! lol
  8. i managed about the most of charlie brown, but it was recorded on my system sound so thers lag spikes and sound of me changing the volume :P. probalby not worth uploading unless someone wants it?
  9. i managed to rip the australian sites' princess of china. anyone want it?
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