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  1. lol thanks zzz, i forgot to search. :P
  2. hi everyone, i was wondering between m.m.i.x. and etiaw, on my itunes, mmix ends loud, and etiaw starts quiet, and there seems to be no gapless playback. i ripped this off my mylo cd. any ideas?
  3. exactly. the first part makes the second part what it is
  4. should be the final version. there is a photo that shows clearly the retail packaging and disc.
  5. 1. AROBTTH 2. MX/Parachutes 3. VLV/X+Y in my opinion, arobtth just stands out, and the others on are the same level (very very high :D)
  6. lol. uploading now, warning it may ruin ur need for a clean version of the song! lol
  7. i managed about the most of charlie brown, but it was recorded on my system sound so thers lag spikes and sound of me changing the volume :P. probalby not worth uploading unless someone wants it?
  8. i managed to rip the australian sites' princess of china. anyone want it?
  9. wow. i tried to record with audio hijack, dunno if its me or something, but the sound became distorted like a live recording type of sound. poc that is
  10. charlie brown was played bout 45 mins ago. hoping sm1 recorded. put me on the pm list too! :D
  11. i like it, but maybe the quiet bit could of been filled with some johnny's guitar? anyway, i missed the inital leak so where exactly does the song come from? radio or something?
  12. any idea how to find the stream. just checked the new zealand store, cos its monday there, nothing on the mylo xyloto album page
  13. the forums were lagging really bad when i came on today. thought it had leaked lol
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