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  1. I quite read a lot of your post lately and I just have to say: I probably should leave the forum because you find exactly always the words which describe my opinion perfectly! I also really dig Ink...nice fresh tune on the album!
  2. Major_Love

    True Love

    I also don't like the verse to much to be honest, but as soon as the songs really starts after 2 minutes it is a gorgeous piece of work! I really, really like this song. For me under the top4 of the album.
  3. I just heard the songs besides Magic, Midnight and ASFOS for the first time now after streaming...for me, it is really hard to say which songs are the best. I'll try it though. The best ones are clearly Always in my Head, Midnight and O for me. 1. Always in my head: Such a nice and warm opener. Perfectly produced. Simplistic yet nice lyrics. I just hoped they would make the song a bit longer and the end is a bit to abrupt for me. 9.5/10. 2. Midnight: I cannot believe how much the song grew on my. I always found it interesting listening to it, but especially in the last two weeks and within the whole album it just totally blow me away. Great job boys. Good to know that songs can turn out to be so beautiful despite critics at the beginning. 9.5/10. 3. O: Most people said enough about it. I was totally eager to hear it. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit boring to me compared to the "best song of Coldplay ever"-opinions. I just don't share it the same way. It is a wonderful closer to the album, especially if the break between Fly On and O is longer on the real album than on the stream. Very simple, minimalistic, lovely produced. I would love to add some strings or more guitar at the end to be honest. Yet a beautiful song. O (reprise) could be even 1-2 minutes longer. It is so sad, that it just stopped aber 70 secs. There is so much potential. And it would be perfect to the album if you ask me. Really, really sad about that but still it is great! 9.5/10. Then True Love, Ink and Oceans comes for me. Ink: After all I read I wasn't sure what to expect about this. It seemed to me like it is there next maintream song on the album after reading the comments and it sure is. But especially compared to MX the song is so chilled and cooled down, not that bombastic and overwhelming. Really nice listening to it, in a way not boring (like most of the mainstream songs are) and the end is really enjoyable. I really dig it and the refreshing beat! 8.5/10. True Love: Probably the most bombastic song on the album in terms of orchestra and so on. After the beginning I was a bit sceptical but it turned out as a great song for me. Love the strings as well as the lyrics. They really go well together with the song. Very depressing though, in way also uplifting. 9/10, Oceans: My expectations were really high on this after reading the comments of you after the live performance. Sadly the album version does not completely hold up to the live version (which is mostly the case talking about acoustic songs). Perfect mix between acoustic and electronic influences here. Nicely produced. It just loose a bit magic in the studio version. Anyway really really nice song. 8.5/10. Then probably Anothers Arms and Magic Magic: Not really digging it. I do not really care about the song. I accept listening to it, but it is one song of the album I don't care about. Anyway I like the end and how it declines as well as Johnny of course. 6.5/10. Anothers Arms: One of the songs which are probably a bit overproduced to me. I really hate the break in the second verse as well as the short clapping. Lyrics are a bit to bad for me to be honest though never expected masterpieces. Especially with the bridge and Johnnys part it really get better and I really like that part. 7.5/10. And A sky full of stars last and least A Sky full of stars: I will never like this song. I'm really disappointed. It does not fit at all the album and I rather have a good album in whole context with similar moods than a climax which totally stands out. For me the worst Coldplay song on a album ever. Even worse than PoC and Paradise. Really, really sad because that kills the album for me. Anyway: I like Ghost Stories so far a lot though I need more listens. The flow is alright but for me it is so sad that regarding some minor and little details the album could be so much better. In overall I would give the album a 8/10 and it is probably among the top 3 albums of the band. Thanks for the work guys, nice to get an album despite all the trouble in Chris personal life! :)
  4. I now also heard Ghost Stories for the first time, after never listening to AIMH and all the rest. Only heard Magic, Midnight and A sky full of stars before and nothing else. To be quite honest...i overall like the album, it is really understated most parts and with all going on around Chris personal life I totally understand the direction they have taken. For me it is no Viva, but I never expected such a beautiful piece of work again after all the MX stuff appeared. So I'm quite happy if the band brings out a album I don't have to be ashamed of like I felt after MX to be quite honest. All in all I can share some critics: - ASFOS: I will never dig that Coldplay is doing such generic EDM music. Sorry for that and all of you who like the song...it is just my honest to god opinion that I will never like something. And it totally does not fit the album mood at all. - for me it is a bit too short...at least one more song would have been great. Especially between ASFOS and O. - For me some very little details are quite sad and are the reason because it is just a "good" album for me. its a little sad that O is a little short towards the end. Fly on has so much potential and I really dig it but a bit more instruments would have probably worked well to make it even more perfect. The same with AIMH...such a lovely song but a little to short and the ending is too abrupt. - sometimes the bridges towards the next song is quite harsh like as I said from AIMH to Magic. Or from ASFOS to O. - Lyrics are especially in ASFOS and Anothers arms terrible though I never expected too much. (For me the least important critical point by the way). - sometimes less is more: Some songs suffer a bit too much producing like Oceans. But overall it is by faaaaar better than MX production. For me this album could have been even a lot better than it actually is, it offers great potential but some little details and a big one (ASFOS) only makes it to a "good" album which is really, really fine with me. I really enjoy listenting to large parts of the album. Since there will be no Parachutes or AROBTTH again I can really hope that they will continue to do so. For me AIMH, Midnight, O are the best songs. Unfortunately Oceans is not as good as the live version otherwise it would be a standout for me as well. I really dig True Love as well as Ink, like them. Anothers arms could have need less production. Overall a solid 7,5/10 from me. I'm glad that the band decided to bring a album out anyway with Chris trouble in his personal life....some would probably rather take a biiig break. Brave step guys! Like it! :)
  5. Are there any chances the stream is cut into the different songs and uploaded here somewhere (no worries, I'll buy the album anyway!).
  6. Oh interesting that they open at 4pm. Hopefully its allright if I'm going inside around 5:30... I
  7. Wann sollte man denn kommen, um einen vernünftigen Stehplatz zu bekommen? Ab wann lassen sie denn die Leute überhaupt rein? ------------------ Do you know when you should be there to get a nice place? When are the doors open?
  8. There are too many very very positive reviews from really serious sources to say something like that.
  9. Pitchfork is another source which gives the album a good mark with regard to the other album marks. Interesting that most reviews of serious media are very positive on Mylo Xyloto (BBC, Financal Times, some German high quality media etc...). Very interesting and shows that the album isn't just pop and mainstream.
  10. I don't see the point. Because I think the reviews are quite mixed - which everyone expected. The album is so different to anything before so its natural that there will be divided reactions on it. My iTunes store gives the album 4.5/5 stars and nearly 1000 people already voted. A lot of serious media like BBC, Financial Times, some other british printmedia, and for example some german high quality media like FAZ or "Deutschlandfunk" are very positive about Mylo. It seems that the more sophisticated media really like Mylo. And it the end, it doesn't matter what other people say if you like it.
  11. There are some serious critics, some unserious ones. Especially the sophisticated sites are really positiv about Mylo Xyloto, also in Germany. Often the more unserious papers like DailyMail are really harsh. I don't see that the majority of the critics is bad, really. I mostly read positive reviews. Of course they are also some negative ones but taste is different and don't forget: Coldplay is the biggest band in the world - there will be always criticism no matter what they do.
  12. I really love the sound wall in the first part with the strings and synth (?) but nevertheless the second part is the perfect closer for the story of the album. You can imangine how the young pair walks across the television hand in hand and you can see the sun and in the background "good things are coming our way...". I especially love the transition between the two parts - its magic and I think its the mix between two halves which makes this song so brilliant!
  13. After some listenings and thinking about the minimalistic character and its purpose in the context of the story I want to give it a 8.5-9.0. It really grew on me. This song shows perfectly the emptiness after losing someone you love. Very nice but the first 10 seconds are a bit strange. The guitar of Jonny is great I think.
  14. Yeah, I see it the same way. This is serious criticism. Personally I want to say some words about Up in Flames. It seems like PoC is the song how Mylo and Xyloto broke down their relationship and Up in Flames is the song which describes the emptiness you feel when you loose someone who is very important for you. So, I personally find that the song couldn't be much better to describe this feeling. I'm very satisfied with this song now, but firstly I was also sceptical. Except the first 10 seconds its one of my favorite tracks of Coldplay now.
  15. The first ten seconds or so are really strange but than its a perfect song for someone who broke up his relationship and just feels nothing or emptiness. And this feeling covers the song. Great in a way...
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