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  1. I'm still waiting for my card to arrive :(
  2. Captain Crieff you're welcome ;) I'm so happy that you like it and glad that it finally arrived :D Hahaha stamp... yeah, even stamp is so Polish :lol: and Secret Santa I'm sorry that I didn't send you PM when I sent the card but I had problems with my Internet conection :(
  3. Albums: 1. The National - Trouble Will Find Me 2. Editors - The Weight Of Your Love 3. Bastille - Bad Blood 4. Arctic Monkeys - AM 5. White Lies - Big TV 6. Foals - Holy Fire 7. Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull Songs: 1. The National - I Need My Girl 2. Arcade Fire - Afterlife 3. Foals - My Number 4. Editors - Sugar 5. White Lies - Getting Even 6. Daft Punk - Get Lucky 7. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? 8. Bastille - Pompeii 9. M83 - Oblivion 10. Kodaline - All I Want
  4. Yeah, my package arrived :D I've got a beautiful card and bag tag with my name and a quote from 'Atlas'. A really biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank you to Jochelle :D :D
  5. I'm in too :) maybe this year I'll try send a card to someone from the same continent.
  6. Thanks for your awesome package, I really love the confetti and Im use it the book stopper in a Neal Stephenson novel. Again Thank you so much and we stay in touch. xx

  7. Hi!!! I forgot to let you know! I sent you two postcards last monday!!! hope you like them :D

  8. I got my card :D from India. I like it a lot, it's kind of a poster with Colplay. Lovely, thanks whoever you are :-D Dear Secret Santa could you tell me who sent me a gift, cause I just know real name, not a coldplaying name ;-)
  9. mine is almost ready, I will send it as soon as possible :-D
  10. You're welcome. I'm glad that you like it. :nice: Have a nice day!

  11. I'm in too! :) for the first time, but I already think it's a great idea :D
  12. :) you're welcome and I'm really happy that you enjoy it! :)

  13. Hi, I'm happy that you get it :) and I'm glad that you like it :D

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