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  1. They just uploaded the Q&A to Youtube! ;)
  2. They're gonna play both Viva and Sparks!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  3. Fuuuuck, Arabesque blew me away like a hurricane!!!
  4. Maybe because the fan that got it, seems to be especially a fan of Will ("[email protected]'s Drumstick") :p EDIT: okay, scrap that. The identical letter was sent to another fan :D
  5. To me it sounds like both are coming on Nov 22, 2019
  6. I still think they're gonna release sth today, if not the whole album :D Why would they upload 12 videos/snippets/songs one month in advance?
  7. same here, it doesn't really seem to fit
  8. do you think the time (not only the date) of the post is also relevant? EDIT: would be midday (12:00) in Britain
  9. is there right now any mobile app for Coldplaying (for iOS)? Tapatalk has not been working anymore for quite a while :/
  10. Maybe they‘ll just release single songs whenever they‘re ready?
  11. No idea where all this negativity/rumours about them splitting up and disagreeing on the music is coming from. - Phil and Mat already said that the band are already planning their next moves. - the movie cleary showed that no songs are seeing the light of day where not every band member is happy with it - the band is currently on a break/vacation, so it‘s not a big surprise to me, that only chris is active at the moment - chris is already living in the US for some years now (i think since GS), so that‘s not really new for the boys I would also love to get another album like AROB
  12. Voodoo is fucking awesome!!
  13. So now one day later, having heard the song a few times and setting aside all the hype from yesterday and the wrong expectations, I really like the song! It‘s catchy, groovy, has a positive vibe, great message, is easy to sing along and thus perfect for gathering money and attention for a good cause (and thus also a good song for the associated festival). So i‘m really looking forward to hearing the remaining songs from that ep tomorrow! And btw that „unsold ideas“ thing could still be true. Maybe they really will use this new band to dig out and rework old song ideas or maybe just us
  14. Uhh, so maybe it really is about reusing unfinished material [emoji7]
  15. Why are all the news pages assuming an announcement at 5pm?
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