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  1. birds best on album, such a brilliant transition! PARA PARA NOW
  2. Just wanna apologise for my stupid rant, half of which was bs. Sorry, heat of the moment. Still a shit song, great live, but just wanna apologise
  3. HA. if you read what I originally wrote ,you'll find I actually said 'fair enough if you like the song'. I'm not criticising people for liking the song, merely hyping it and comparing it to Yellow, VLV etc. You obviously did NOT get the middle aged reference and he clearly is a sheep for threatening to 'beat people up' because they prefer old Coldplay to new.
  4. Lots of things I wanna say in regards to certain Coldplayers who hyped this to the point of no return only for us to be shot down upon hearing this work of monstrosity. Unfortunately i'd probably get blocked and feel bad in hindsight. WTF. WT(actual)F. Live, let's be honest, will see this song as a great anthem rocker. But that's not the Coldplay I want to listen to on the train. It's not even a good house song. it's got synths. that's about it. and is upbeat. Call me a pessimist but I preferred being called middle aged (i'm 17) due to my love of Coldplay's depressing music than being the fa
  5. 18th, this streams. 19th, album comes out. 6 weeks later, they come here to London. This is f***ing fantastic! Please lawd almighty release a box set. The artwork for this would be orgasmic. drooling.
  6. overpriced bit much, £75? I appreciate it's for charity but honestly a) it won't be a full blown coldplay immense gig, and b) dynamo, lily allen and rizzle kicks (with 40 minutes of Coldplay maximum) don't warrant £75.
  7. HLH ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO IN THE NEXT MONTH!!! YEESESSESESES FINALLY i've been waiting for an animated music video since the era began
  8. The road I specified... somewhere along that road there's a purple caf and an estage agents. it's between those two.
  9. Fuck it, i've found it >.< serious summer stalking coming up ;)
  10. can someone give me the specific location of the bakery? I know it's in Camden somewhere... now i know it's near fleet road :D HELP!
  11. Surprise no one's asked so far on the thread (or maybe i'm REALLY ignorant), but can someone give me the specific location of the bakery? I know it's in Camden somewhere...
  12. You were standing really close to me :D Do you remember me shouting 'we love you chris'?
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