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  1. I did, and I shared it in the TidalColdplay thread...but here ya go in case you didnt see my post there... http://www.mediafire.com/watch/z30708b6jgui0qm/%5B11-21-15%5D_TIDALXColdplay.mp4
  2. I have no real opinion only to say why fix summat that isnt really broke? Unless it was broke on your side of things, then meh, as long as the forums stay the same, its all good to me lol
  3. That IG account is actually mine ;) I got that article from the Daily Star...not sure if it made it into the print copy, I only see Publisher Proof copies for magazines and newspapers, but I think it did...its page 11 if they went to press with it....
  4. I gather I am no longer needed to find it lol Oh well, back to being a lurker lol
  5. Yes it does! I actually have/had it once a long time ago ..next time I am back home in the UK, I will see if I still have it...but sadly I wont be back home for another few weeks, I'm travelling for work at the moment
  6. In Chris' own words....The singer was also asked if he has any scars with a story behind them, to which he answered, "I have a big scar on my neck, a Harry Potter lightning bolt. I had surgery when I was 11 -- I had a lump removed -- but it was in the west of England, where surgery was like a pitchfork and some bailing twine. When I came back, my dad was like, 'What have they done?' I love it, though." http://www.1057thepoint.com/news/music-news/coldplay-singer-talks-favorite-scar-strangest-place-he-ever-woke
  7. I'm actually seriously embarrassed Chris has put his name with this...the rich get richer is all I see....sorry, you can fangirl all you want, but I dont see the other 3 men in my band partnering up with Jay Z. I work full time and make a good living, but there is NO flipping way you will EVER see me spending 20 a month on something I can get for free anywhere, esp when anything exclusive happens, we all share with each other anyways here or on twitter, tumblr etc.
  8. Interesting :) Lahme is a noun that translates into the word "Moments" in English .. http://dict.hinkhoj.com/words/meaning-of-%E0%A4%B2%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B9%E0%A5%87-in-english.html I am thinking all this Rumi chatter Chris has been talking about for the past year has bubbled into something new and exciting
  9. For all non Americans....the first amendment of the United States of America gives media and the public the right to hear that and every other 911 call in any state, any city in the US. When you watch the local news, you always get to listen to the 911 calls for anyone that did something. It WASNT sold to anyone, its the right of anyone to be able to listen to it, or any 911 call. http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/911-recordings-transcripts-state-statutes
  10. You asked for my opinion....I mean absolutely no offense 1. You are talking WAAAAAAAAY too fast..slow it down, you are almost stumbling over your words, and tbh you are getting them out so quickly its very distracting 2. The camera angle.........no. I do not want to be looking up your nose as you are reading your notes. Sit or stand, thats up to you, but point the cam head on so we can looking into your eyes when you speak, it makes it more friendly....right now if you werent asking opinions, I would have turned you off after 30 seconds and not looked back lol 3. The music is WAY too
  11. Chris really enjoys this fruit a lot it seems.... everyone remember this lolol [video=youtube;65ExERmxfX0]
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